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According to Ceridian’s 2022 Pulse of Talent report, 61% of employees are a flight risk. Out of that 61%, 38% said they are open to the right opportunity and 23% said they are actively looking for a new role. 

Nowadays, hiring and maintaining top talent is more than just about pay. In the same report, only 41% stated that better compensation was the driving factor in looking for another job. In fact, poor leadership, lack of job security and lack of flexibility were one of the top reasons for leaving. 

Satisfied employees work more efficiently, contribute to positive organizational culture, and lead to better overall business outcomes. 


One of the biggest reasons that employees reported dissatisfaction was burnout. 81% of respondents said they experienced burnout, with employers contributing to the burnout through increased workloads (46%), pressure to meet targets and deadlines (30%) and working too many hours (28%). 

Of course, higher burnout increases the likelihood of employees quitting. 

Negative impact of resignations in the public sector 

The public sector is not immune to these negative trends in the workforce. Public sector organizations focus on delivering services to constituents, making them essentially people first. Since the public sector is all about people, it is crucial that government organizations keep their employees happy. 

Successful organizations put people at the forefront. It is not only crucial to be fully staffed, but also to keep employees engaged and prevent burnout. Employee resignations can be detrimental to public sector organizations, resulting in wasted time, money, and resources and an inability to effectively deliver essential services.  

Dissatisfied employees can create a work environment that could result in: 

  • Productivity loss impacting customer experience and reducing customer satisfaction 
  • Decrease morale, which in turn can hurt company culture 
  • Poor reviews online on websites like Glassdoor and Indeed can create the perception of bad leadership, mismanagement, and misaligned organizational values. 
A purpose-built technological solution 

One way to keep your employees happy is to have purpose-built technological tools for them to efficiently and effectively do their jobs. Business technology has traditionally been selected with the power user in mind. For example, the HR user was the primary target when implementing a new Human Capital Management (HCM) system. But the technology landscape has shifted, and now businesses must consider the user experience. 

By providing easy tech tools and resources for employees to use, organizations can reduce manual processes and delays which will in turn reduce stress for employees, decrease burnout and subdue thoughts of resignations. 

Ceridian’s HCM purpose-built software, Dayforce, is meant for employees. It allows organizations to share information with their employees through a centralized platform, resulting in employee retention and improved resource allocation. The platform is used to optimize management of the entire employee lifecycle, including attracting engaging, paying, deploying, and developing people. 

  • Payroll 
  • HR 
  • Benefits 
  • Talent Intelligence 
  • Workforce management 
  • Advanced HR Analytics 
  • Services 

Create a work environment that allows your employees to thrive – and stay for the long haul. Learn more about Dayforce and how a centralized HR platform can benefit your public sector organization. 

Take the next step to improve employee satisfaction 

From planning to delivery, you want to choose an experienced partner to implement your HCM platform. OnActuate’s global team of technical developers and consultants are specialized in bringing your public sector organization to the forefront of technology. With a core value of putting people first and a team of public sector experts, OnActuate is a top-choice partner in the implementation of Ceridian Dayforce. 

Curious about the other results in Ceridian’s Pulse of Talent 2022 report? Get a copy of the full report so you access this vital information and learn how to combat potential negative trends in the workforce and protect your organization. 

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