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Vendor Collaboration

With the Vendor Collaboration solution, you can increase outreach to your vendors through a modern portal to centrally manage the bidding process. It enables a transparent bidding process with minimal manual intervention and prompt availability of bid results on the due date.

Delivering a seamless customer experience in a public sector enterprise requires effectively managing relationships with several external vendors. Vendors are used across a broad swath of public sector initiatives and failing to manage the procurement process can have a dramatic impact on customer experience, resulting in delayed service delivery, canceled projects, or flawed products.

But attempting to juggle multiple vendor relationships across the entire spectrum of public services can be a nightmare, without the right tools. RFPs, purchase orders, invoices, quotes, and communications can be overwhelming for public sector employees—which is where a vendor collaboration platform can help.

By utilizing a vendor collaboration platform, public sector companies can provide vendors with access to a portal where they can upload necessary documents, gain insight into the bidding and procurement process, and view invoices and payment status, while public sector organizations can manage the end-to-end procurement process, manage vendor relationships, and handle vendor scoring and payments. By using a vendor collaboration platform, public sector businesses can begin to apply some order and structure to a complex web of vendor relationships.

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