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The key to building trust between citizens and any public sector organization is transparency. When governments are transparent and accountable to the citizens they serve, they can address issues quicker and allow for easier two-way communication.

OnActuate Transparency Platform is a solution that brings visibility, openness, and accountability for governments by making information easily accessible to the public.

Be transparent with your citizens

Transparency Platform is an Azure-hosted solution that enables citizens of a city or county to view and download information related to finance, contracts, employees, assets, and vendors through a portal. The portal has facts and figures integrated directly from Business Applications, backed with additional important information about agency contacts, data dictionary and more.

Transparency Platform Solution

Find & Access

Find & Access

OnActuate Transparency Platform allows citizens to find and access information through an easy to use portal.



Upload and share files such as contracts, financial records and more to be accessible to citizens.



By providing easy to access information, citizens are encouraged to interact with you, creating two-way communication that supports accountability and a collaborative approach to solving issues.

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