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Data Confluence & Insights

Use your legacy data and your modern data to retrieve meaningful insights for business growth.

What does your data tell you?

Data is the new currency of the digital economy. If organizations are not able to leverage their legacy data, they lose out on capitalizing on some of the most vital information for their sustenance and growth.
No matter how good the reporting and analytical engine is, if you are unable to integrate legacy data, you will not be able to get accurate, predictive, and prescriptive analytical insights.

Confluence & Insights Solution

BOT Protection

Secured Cloud
Hosted Data Source

An analytical platform where legacy data from different sources and products are migrated into a secured cloud hosted data source.

600+ Risk-Based Assessment

Business Insights

The stored legacy data along with the modern data sources are used to draw meaningful business insights for organizations, departments, or programs.

Knowledge-Based Verification (KBV)

Analytical Insights

Actionable insights library produces AI trained models that gives predictive analytical insights for the business depending upon their KPIs.

Azure Active Directory B2C Integration


Organizations can visualize and get performance metrics across their multiple departments and programs.

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Watch this webinar to discover how to utilize Microsoft Azure Data Services to make informed decisions, using a combination of legacy and current application data.

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