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Cashiering solution is a seamless accounting solution that helps your team execute and reconcile cashiering transactions that cover department cashier functions, centralized back end functions, and centralized treasurer functions.

OnActuate’s Cashiering solution for Public Sector entities leverages the retail functionality of Dynamics 365. The Solution is a seamless accounting solution for executing and reconciling Cashiering transactions. This covers Department Cashier Functions, Centralized Back End Functions, and Centralized Treasurer functions. The Centralized Back end functions include Master Management for Services and Departments, Roles & privileges, Assortments and Posting Definitions.

The Department Cashier Operations cover Shift Operations, Cashiering Operations, and Reports. This includes both pre-paid and post-paid transactions. The Cashiering operations include Search capabilities, Deposit Transactions, Sales Transactions, Price Overrides, Payments, Void Operations, and Refunds. The Solution also supports the handling of multiple modes of payment within the same transaction. The Centralized Treasurer functions include Day End reconciliation processes and the seamless end to end accounting of cashiering transactions using Retail Statements. The Solution supports both Cloud POS and Modern POS for Cashiering Operations.

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