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i – Warranty Manager

Are you looking for a solution to :
  • Manage or track your Warranties?
  • Buy new warranties using Payment Gateways?
  • Automatically create new cases using IoT Devices?
  • Manually create Cases via a Mobile Application?

i-Warranty Manager can help you achieve all that and more.


Warranties are a mandate to any & every Business and to Customers. Managing your warranties at times can get complicated or fussy, you sometimes tend to skip over your warranty renewals or even misplace your warranty cards.

i-Warranty Manager hence has you covered and all backed up, having dealt with and overcoming these real-life problems, it tracks your warranties and the status of your case.

You have it as an extension for the Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement and helps in the management of Customers, Assets, Products, Cases, and the respective warranties.

This solution is designed for both, the Businesses who wish to enhance the efficiency of their CSRs, thus increasing their revenue/profits and for the Customers who wish to manage their Products, Cases, and Warranties.

Public Features
  • End-to-End solution for managing your Warranties.
  • Account Cards with a consolidated view for related Assets and Cases.
  • Customer Assets with a consolidated view for related Warranties.
  • Automated Warranty creation with details including Start and End date.
  • and, Service Cycle to manage Cases for the Assets effectively.

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