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A short while ago, you opened the doors to your business, unsure how far you would be able to take it.  

Now you have managed to work out all the kinks when it comes to first starting out and you are beginning to think about the following: 

  • expanding the team 
  • opening more locations 
  • increasing production 

No matter what industry you are in, if you ever started thinking about the above statements, then you might be experiencing business growth and ready to take your business to the next level. 

To get to that next level, your technology must also change, grow, and evolve to keep up with your new business needs. 

Main Priorities for Business Growth

In a survey of finance leaders, one of the main priorities stated by CFOs in 2022 would be digital transformations and utilizing technology for business function and operations. Many finance leaders wanted the right tools to ensure budgeting and forecasting abilities were flexible, autonomous, and strategic – especially since the world is still in such a volatile state due to the global pandemic. 

Another priority for 2022 was to improve the digital competencies of teams, ensuring employees were able to handle daily workflows using new technology. 

Taking from the results of the survey, ask yourself these questions: 

  • Does your business have the right technology for budgeting, forecasting and operational functions that are flexible and autonomous? 
  • Is your business positioned to protect itself from major disruptions and can easily adapt to remote/digital workflows? 
  • Do your employees have relevant digital skills that prepare them for digital transformations and business growth?
Prepare for growth to reduce overwhelming your system

If you ever once thought about business growth, then you must think about preparing your business to be able to take on the extra burdens that comes with it. Making the decision to increase production or open another location can cause stress on your current on-premises system. You could get caught off guard when your business growth has surpassed what you realistic can manage. 

Also, it’s likely your competitors are having the same thoughts or are already taking action on new cloud-based systems that will support their business growth. Don’t let yourself fall behind and play catch up! Investing in technology is a way of scaling that supports other business functions that contributes to your overall growth and prepares you for a future of further growth. 

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Designed for enhanced efficiency, Dynamics 365 Business Central combines built-in intelligent business apps with Microsoft’s productivity suite (Excel, Outlook, etc.) in one user-friendly, cloud platform. It is quick to install, licensed per user, and puts an end to time-consuming software upgrades with cumulative updates. 

Dynamics 365 Business Central is not only a great introductory solution, but it’s also scalable to fit large enterprises with more complex needs.

Some of the key benefits of implementing Dynamics 365 Business Central are: 

  • Accelerated financial closing and reporting 
  • Maximized financial visibility 
  • Automated workflows and processes 
  • Drive profitability with project insights 
  • Holistic views of your inventory 
  • Connect customers and operations 
  • Use production order and more complex processes 

Learn more about the benefits of Business Central. 

Partnering with OnActuate

When you finally make the choice to invest in technology, you will need a trusted partner who cannot only implement the software but also helps you meet your business goals and leverage digital transformation initiatives. 

OnActuate’s customer centric approach means we take every project with our customers’ best interests in mind. By purposefully building relationships we can better understand and prioritize your goals. We do this by: 

  • Conducting a full discovery session to help you define your needs, understand your vision and scope, and above all, outline the roles and responsibilities on the project, so we avoid surprises. 
  • Limiting or eliminating customization to complete the implementation in a timely manner, while making it quicker and easier for your business to adapt to change or unforeseen disruptions. 
  • Becoming your change management partner by training your staff to fully understand and utilize the new system, while seeking feedback to address any concerns and help your employees become experts themselves. 

At OnActuate, we provide a highly skilled team to help you successfully complete your implementation on time and on budget while fully embracing change and realizing business value. 

Make the Move to Business Central

Investing in the right technology to prepare your systems, people and processes for the future will allow your business to continue to grow during good times and rough times. 

Explore our D365 BC Migration Packages and contact OnActuate so we can grow your business together. 

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