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Ceridian Dayforce

An always on people platform

For larger, more complex organizations, Ceridian Dayforce provides an always-on people platform that is built as a single system. This enables data-driven insights built on real-time HR and Payroll data.

Get access to employee information in our HR software when and where you need it, with the right insights to better manage your business.

Get a complete picture

A single employee record across the Dayforce platform puts all details about your people in one place, from compensation to benefits and performance.

Gain valuable insights

Understanding what drives your business is critical to your success. Gain insights through reports and dashboards that span Dayforce, so you can monitor the key indicators and trends – such as turnover by age, location, etc. – that can have a major impact on your company.

Empower employees

Employees can take charge of their own work life. Dayforce’s HR software gives your employees direct access to view and manage their own data and activities. This not only empowers them, but also reduces the administrative burden on HR.

Dayforce highlights include

Continuous Payroll


Payroll software that is continuously calculating throughout the pay period.
Learn more for Canadian employers.

Time & Attendance / Workforce Management

Time & Attendance /
Workforce Management

Manage your workforce more effectively to help make your people happier and your business more successful.

Full HR Management

Full HR

Get access to employee information in our HR software when and where you need it, with the right insights to better manage your business.

Benefit Management and Selection

Benefit Management
and Selection

Make it easier for employees to manage their benefits.

Talent Management


Develop your people from hire to retire, and at every stage along the way.



Schedule your people more strategically with powerful employee scheduling software that supports compliance.

Discover how our customer, The City of Columbus, utilized Ceridian Dayforce to replace its legacy workforce management and payrolls systems with a unified, intelligent HCM solution.

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  • We are dedicated to upholding the mission of DuPage County by delivering high-quality, cost-effective human resources services. Introducing Dayforce marks a pivotal stride toward achieving that objective. As we sought an implementation partner, OnActuate emerged as the clear choice, demonstrating exceptional product expertise and a track record of success with organizations similar to ours.

    MarGaret Mason-Ewing Chief Human Resources Officer, DuPage County
  • We are extremely grateful to OnActuate for joining the project and helping our internal team manage the project. With OnActuate’s help, the project was successfully completed on time, and we are now able to concentrate on fine-tuning our processes and realizing the benefits of a fully integrated HCM solution.

    Claudio Addis Vice President Finance, Devon Properties

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