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This Budgeting Solution will enable your team to effectively create budgets, manage budgets, forecast and share valuable analytical insights across business areas from line staff to senior leaders.

This solution leverages the functionality available in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance. Using the solution your team can control and plan the budget, integrate with Excel, and utilize the budgeting inquiries and reports – system inquiries, financial reporter, and Power BI.

In addition to financial reporting, budget planning processes determine how budget plans can be updated, routed, reviewed, and approved in the budgeting organization hierarchy.

Budget plans contain the data for a budget cycle. With a budget planning application, organizations can track multiple budget plans that are used for various purposes. For example, budget plans can be used to create budget amounts for different organizational units, or they can help public sector organizations make comparisons and informed decisions

By partnering with an established public sector technology vendor, public sector organizations will be able to execute quicker on projects, better serve their clientele, and drive greater efficiency at a lower cost.

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