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AI Platform

Learn, Scale, and Grow with Artificial Intelligence Technology 

Don’t think of digital transformation as the latest buzzword. Think of it as an opportunity to improve the way you access and consume data, connect with customers, and create efficiencies throughout your organization. At OnActuate, we provide digital technology services that are powered by Microsoft. With the help of our talented team of system architects, developers, and business consultants, we can get your people and business performing better than they ever have before. 

Seamless AI Integration 

AI and machine learning can be integrated within your ERP and CRM systems for greater speed, scale, and transparency. Microsoft AI technology provides a robust framework for developing solutions in conversational AI, machine learning, and IoT. With OnActuate’s innovative spirit and technical expertise, we can help you find new ways to automate repetitive tasks, free up human capital, and reduce costs. 

Grow your business with Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM Solutions.

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