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The work world is changing, and executives are speaking up. From labour shortages to flexible workforces – organizations around the world are experiencing similar highs and lows in 2023. Our partner Dayforce, a leader in human capital management software, surveyed 2,000 leaders from around the world and found that despite there being progress, many organizations still struggle with the same issues they were facing pre-pandemic.

A global look of the state of the workforce

Here are 3 fascinating discoveries from Dayforce’s 2023 Executive Survey that you should be paying attention to:

  1. Internal mobility is on the rise. 74% of respondents say internal hiring has increased due to pandemic effects. Many organizations are seeking skills over degrees, or previous work experience, when recruiting, causing a more elastic workforce that can be moved throughout the organization where there are skills are needed. This kind of flexibility also helps organizations fill critical open roles faster.
  2. AI and machine learning is being utilized. 81% of respondents say that their organizations are taking advantage of AI and machine learning to take care of more repetitive tasks, thus allowing their workforce to focus on more strategic tasks and personal development.
  3. A labour shortage is on the horizon. 88% of respondents say there will most likely be a labour shortage for their organization in the next year. Good talent is more difficult to find, and that is why organizations are investing more in their current workforce and new advanced technology to fill the gap.


Download your own copy of the 2023 Executive Survey to get the full picture on what the global workforce is experiencing.

A local look at the state of the workforce

OnActuate and Dayforce recently participated in an expert panel discussion through the Ohio Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA). on the discussion focused on driving performance in the elastic workforce and the 2023 Executive Survey findings as it relates to the public sector.

The panel consisted of Gianluca Cairo, Vice President, Operations and Strategy – Ceridian; Marnie Larson, VP of HCM Practice – OnActuate; Nicole Smith, Human Resources Manager – City of Columbus Department of Neighborhoods; Genaro Baez, Director HR Ops, L&D and Talent Acquisition – Milwaukee County.

Here are some findings from polled webinar participants. How do the answers compare to your organization?

Participants were asked where they see the most opportunity to optimize career development within their organization. 33% answered learning and development opportunities, then performance management at 30% and upskilling and reskilling at 25% followed.

This is in slight contrast to the Executive Survey, that had 74% of respondents answer that internal mobility was on the rise, and 47% said upskilling and reskilling was being offered as career development.

Perhaps these differences reflect the nature of public sector jobs that can sometimes be specialized and require certain education that only education and development can offer.  Upskilling and reskilling may not be suitable for all roles.

Participants were then asked about the challenges they have regarding data at their organization. 43% said they don’t capture data, 30% said they don’t trust the validity of the data, and 27% said they don’t have the right tools to report on data captured.

This is not surprising as the public sector isn’t quick to adopt new technologies, thus often struggling with capturing and reporting on data.

Data is most likely not being captured because of a combination of inadequate tools, questionable validity, and unset goals. However, with an investment in technology, the public sector can prepare its workforce for a stronger future.

Invest in your employees

With Human Capital Management (HCM) technology, public sector organizations cannot only capture data to help make informed recruitment decisions, but also find better ways to improve their current workforce.

From payroll, advanced employee profiles, tools to measure burnout and more, Dayforce is a powerful HCM solution that public sector organizations such as DuPage County have turned to.

Your employees are the most important part of your public sector organization. Invest in them and you will get in return, a workforce that is resilient, diligent, loyal, and strong.

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