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Since the beginning of ERP systems, countless businesses have unlocked faster and better ways to improve operations and efficiencies. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in particular has transformed thousands of small and medium-sized businesses allowing them to scale and grow. 

Why it’s the best of the best 

Business Central takes the lead as the premier ERP system for small and medium-sized businesses, thanks to a host of exceptional features highlighted by Forbes Advisor:  

  • A robust ERP system that helps organize sales, service, operations and finance functions 
  • Ability to fulfill customers’ orders efficiently through real-time data and predict stock replenishment 
  • Manage your business on the go with the convenient mobile app 
  • Able to link the system to Microsoft Office tools, such as Outlook and Excel, to improve experiences for customers and employees 

As a certified Microsoft partner who works with organizations around the globe, we are proud to have been a part of many successful digital transformation projects. Here is one of many OnActuate’s customers that have transformed their business with Business Central. 

dzcard: Streamlining operations with a move to Business Central 

dzcard is a worldwide smart card manufacturer. To address its key business requirements, such as better management of procurement requests, reduced manual month-end processes, and the ability to get real-time data and clarity on utilization of resources, dzcard migrated all its locations to a single, unified ERP system: Business Central.

For a more detailed look at dzcard’s digital transformation journey and OnActuate’s process-centric implementation, read the case study.


The move to Business Central resolved dzcard’s business challenges by: 

  • Utilizing automated features like workflows for procurement requests, so printed documents no longer require a manual signature. 
  • Capturing required sales information directly into the system to get desired profitability information in just a few clicks – no manual calculation required. 
  • Capturing the production operation time directly in the system to maintain transparency with departments and management. In addition, D365 BC monitors the production lifecycle to identify opportunities where dzcard can eliminate waste and reduce equipment downtime. 

Discover other organizations that are benefitting from using Business Central.

Take control of your business 

As your organization grows, it’s easy to forget to invest in the right technology to keep up with that growth. Don’t wait until you run in challenges that stall your business and prevent you from completing sales, fulfilling orders or collecting data. 

Just as Forbes Advisor said, Microsoft has developed an ERP solution that offers the best-in-class business applications for small to medium businesses to improve their processes, increase productivity and get an overall picture of where their business is at and where it could go. 

Connect with OnActuate to find out if Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is right for you. 

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