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Customer Success Story

When dzcard needed to move all their locations to the same ERP application to streamline their business, OnActuate led a multi-phased, multi-country Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation to gather real-time data in just a few clicks.

Transforming business processes with a scalable solution for worldwide smartcard manufacturer

  • From day one, OnActuate had an easy-going and supportive mindset with a strong dedicated team.

    Brian Jensen Chief Strategy Officer (during implementation), dzcard


dzcard was founded in 1971 by Mr Jørgen Schmidt. It began as a printing house specializing in computer and security forms, eventually becoming an expert in printing chequebook and bank passbooks with magnetic stripes. In the mid-70s, dzcard expanded into the plastic card business and is now a leading end-to-end smart card solutions provider in Southeast Asia and Africa. Over the last 50 years, it has built an outstanding global reputation for manufacturing smart cards and high-end security products. [Source]


With certifications from companies like Visa and Mastercard and 65 million cards produced annually, dzcard needed to operate with operational excellence. However, it was facing three main business challenges that impacted internal efficiencies.

  1. dzcard had no controls when it came to procurement requests.
  2. Calculating actual profit at the sales invoice level was a challenge because the process was manual, and it took too much time at month-end to close the books.
  3. The production operation time was captured outside of the system, so it was difficult to get real-time data and clarity on utilization of resources.

These challenges were happening because dzcard was using different applications at each of its locations – some were on Dynamics NAV and others were on other ERP solutions. dzcard wanted to optimize efficiencies by moving all its locations to one application with both global and local features. To address its business specific requirements, dzcard selected Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 14 (D365 BC) for a solution and OnActuate as its global implementation partner.


The project began in 2019 with phase one at dzcard headquarters in Bangkok and phase two at sites in Asia and Africa. OnActuate performed a detailed study and finalized the business requirement analysis. We went on to design and develop the business needs of dzcard and test the solution internally before opening it for user acceptance test. We then conducted end user training involving a local Thai consultant and deployed the solution in production. Due to the global disruption in 2020 and regulations for social distancing, development, testing, and end-user training and deployment were completed remotely.

Brian Jensen was the Chief Strategy Officer at dzcard during the implementation. When speaking about their experience, Jensen said: “From day one, OnActuate had an easy-going and supportive mindset with a strong dedicated team. One of the key goals for dzcard was to have a proactive partner to sort out any roadblocks and gaps during the project. Having a project lead with solid experience and a pragmatic approach helped dzcard solve any issues.”

Project team planning session at dzcard headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand (2019).

Project team planning session at dzcard headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand (2019).


In December 2020, dzcard went live with D365 BC on-premises, hosted on Azure on a subscription basis. OnActuate continues to provide Azure Managed Services and support the system in production.

This project resolved dzcard’s business challenges and streamlined processes through automation, direct data capture, and production lifecycle monitoring. Key improvements include:

  1. Utilizing automated features like workflows for procurement requests, so printed documents no longer require a manual signature.
  2. Capturing required sales information directly into the system to get desired profitability information in just a few clicks – no manual calculation required.
  3. Capturing the production operation time directly in the system to maintain transparency with departments and management. In addition, D365 BC monitors the production lifecycle to identify opportunities where dzcard can eliminate waste and reduce equipment downtime.

OnActuate also developed five Power BI reports to address dzcard’s analytics needs and provided training so dzcard has the internal knowledge to create their own reports in the future.

When speaking about the project and timeline, Jensen said: “dzcard and OnActuate committed to a fixed Go-Live date in 2020 despite Covid-19 travel restrictions, leading to pre- and post- Go-Live support being completed remotely. Both the Go-Live and remote support was carried out seamlessly, and dzcard had a very positive experience with OnActuate’s dedicated support team.”

Project team planning session at dzcard headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand (2019).

Project team planning session at dzcard headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand (2019).

dzcard offers a wide range of customized solutions built around smart card technologies to help its customers conquer various digital ecosystems. OnActuate is proud to be dzcard’s implementation partner, helping dzcard utilize Microsoft technologies to maintain its commitment to delivering premium quality, excellent customer service, and fast delivery.

About OnActuate

As a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, OnActuate provides exemplary services to help customers undergo digital transformations from legacy systems to more robust, scalable, and secure solutions such as D365 BC. When companies work with us, they are engaging with a global partner that is technically and functionally strong with subject matter experts managing their implementation projects.

OnActuate is a recognized leader in enterprise technology solutions. Of our 140+ consultants, more than 85 are subject matter experts in domains such as Public Sector, Trading, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Retail, and Professional Services. These consultants not only come with rich industry experience but also a deep understanding of the Dynamics 365 application suite and its capabilities to address organizational processes. Nearly 100% of our technical and functional consultants have undergone extensive training to become Microsoft-certified.

When it comes to our process, we take pride in our People First methodology to managing customer success, retention, and satisfaction. With each client, we take the time to get to know stakeholders, working closely in the trenches with leaders to operators, through the planning, development, implementation, and launch of each project. We invest our time and energy in navigating all the stresses large-scale change can present, putting people first for success.

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