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The world is constantly evolving, and people expect technology to be user-friendly, accessible, and efficient. This applies to government technology that serves citizens. With AI gaining widespread attention, it’s crucial for the public sector to recognize its significant potential and explore how it can improve government services for the well-being of citizens. 

AI’s transformative impact on the public sector 

Since 2017, the adoption of AI has doubled among organizations, a trend poised to continue as AI proves its workplace benefits. Looking ahead to 2024, governments are on the cusp of integrating AI models into existing business processes, leveraging its capabilities to drive improvements and efficiencies.  

Beyond administrative tasks, AI’s advanced data collection holds transformative potential for programming and decision-making across all government levels. From modeling new roads to detecting spending fraud and addressing citizen queries, the boundless possibilities of AI underscore its evolving role in shaping the future of governance. 

Graph from McKinsey’s Global Survey on AI report showing the increased usage of AI. 


Top 3 AI trends worthy of public sector investments 

In order to meet the increasing demand for smarter and more efficient technology, public sector organizations should consider investing in these three AI trends for 2024. 

1. Smart chatbots 

Eliminate time-consuming queries and help citizens get the information they need quicker with AI chatbots. These intelligent assistants, driven by language-learning models, will play a pivotal role in providing citizens with swift access to information. Public sector agencies can leverage chatbots to answer queries, guide users to relevant departments or webpages, and even assist in opening and submitting cases or applications. What sets these chatbots apart is their ability to continuously enhance their responses using data collected from previous interactions, ensuring they become progressively smarter and more effective over time. 

 2. Data-driven policy making 

Governments are entrusted to make policies and laws that will benefit citizens. AI’s remarkable data collection capabilities empower governments to make informed decisions that directly benefit citizens. By allowing AI to analyze data within predefined rules, the public sector can derive insights leading to innovative policy suggestions or modifications. For instance, AI can study traffic patterns to recommend changes in traffic management, including adjustments to traffic lights, speed limits, and even proposing new road constructions. This data-driven approach ensures policies are not only effective but tailored to the specific needs of the community. 

 3. Automation of simple tasks 

Just like the private sector, the public sector needs to find ways to improve business processes – especially since the public sector is dealing with tax dollars to fund operations. From mundane data entry to complex financial budget recommendations, AI can streamline operations, saving valuable time and resources. Public sector decision-makers can redirect these saved resources towards more human-centric initiatives, such as engaging with constituents on resource allocation ideas or developing new programs for underprivileged citizens. By embracing automation, governments can enhance productivity and focus on the core aspects of their responsibilities. 

AI-enabled solutions for modern governments 

OnActuate has pioneered groundbreaking solutions harnessing the power of AI to enable government agencies to achieve greater efficiency.

The OnActuate Transparency Platform Solution, an innovative online portal, streamlines citizen access to publicly available data, eliminating the hassle of lengthy phone calls or navigating through various departments. Notably, the City of Columbus, an avid user of this platform, has experienced remarkable enhancements in citizen engagement and accessibility. This is further augmented by the AI-powered chatbot “Clarity,” designed to assist Columbus citizens in effortlessly navigating the portal, addressing inquiries, and guiding them to relevant links.”

Learn more about the Transparency Platform: Explore Here 

The crucial role of advanced technology in empowered governments 

Investing in advanced technology sends a clear message to citizens – their needs matter, and the government is committed to efficient services powered by technology. To avoid falling behind, public sector agencies must invest in technology, explore AI opportunities, and collectively create a brighter future for all. From procurement management to data transparency to payroll, OnActuate offers modern solutions designed to elevate modern governments. 

Ready to take your public sector agency to the next level? 

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