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“We have issues with human error and data accuracy, causing a lot of work to be duplicated and time wasted reconciling mistakes.”

To retain support and public trust, public sector organizations need to demonstrate they are operating efficiently and within budget. The public sector tends to struggle with limited resources paired with high demand on workload and time. This means department managers need to ensure that their teams are working smarter, not harder. Teams need to find quicker and easier ways to perform simple tasks so they can focus on improving service delivery and customer service for constituents.

However, the pursuit of speed often comes with mistakes. Small tasks that need to be done almost every day can become second nature to employees and teams, to the point that steps are skipped or overlooked from time to time. Correcting these errors leads to a significant loss of time and resources, thus causing a cycle of mistakes that ultimately slows down the team.

Here are three useful tips to minimize human error:

  1. Process documentation – Document every task that the department needs to do for daily operations. This helps teams prioritize better and can be used as a training tool for new team members. Documentation can be in written form or as a recorded audio or video.
  2. Checklists Breaking each task down to small bite-sized pieces allows people to slow down and make sure steps aren’t missed.
  3. Detailed instructions – Often checklists can come with detailed instructions to ensure every member of the team knows what to do at each step. Make sure instructions are clear to prevent any gaps in knowledge from causing errors. Perhaps recorded videos so people can visualize what tasks would come in handy.

However, one of the most useful ways to minimize human error is to utilize technology.

Legacy point-of-sale solutions can be time-consuming and redundant technology that organizations must deal with. Outdated technology usually equates to employees having to manually input data, reconcile funds, and constantly check for accuracy which leads to wasted time and an increased risk of errors. Just like consumers who expect modern payment systems to be quick and easy, employees also expect the same on the backend of the system.

A solution for reducing errors and increasing efficiency

With the OnActuate Cashiering Solution, department managers can be assured that their teams are operating efficiently. By leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce, our enhanced solution allows for simple everyday cashiering processes to be completed quickly and correctly.


Eliminate errors with these features
Fund balancing Epson check scanner Centralized business processes
The unique Fund Balancing feature reduces the risk of non-compliance with regulations as it provides an extensive audit trails and reports. The Cashiering solution is compatible with Epson check scanner, allowing organizations to validate and capture the check image, check details (check number, routing number and account number) and endorse the check. It also has integrated receipt printing, allowing cashiers to print receipts for processed transactions. Improve accountability and revenue management for government staff with centralized process control and automation. Payments can be accepted across multiple departments with trackable transactions through a seamless experience.
Discover more about the solution

Want to learn more about OnActuate’s integrated Cashiering solution? Download the on-demand webinar and read up on the full list of solution features here.

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