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Cashiering process for public sector

While financial transactions are typically associated with retail, there are also daily processes for many companies working in the Public Sector and state/local government. With that, comes demand for systems and solutions that increase efficiency.  

Consumer expectations are constantly rising for easy-to-purchase and speedy public services. An omnichannel solution for commerce allows seamless flows of transactional data between the front-end and back-end of your system, while still adhering to global compliance and security standards.

There are a variety of drivers in Public Sector and state and local government for solutions such as Cashiering. We’ve come across many use case scenarios for clients in these industries who utilize Microsoft Dynamics 365, a modern, cloud-based ERP solution.

Use Cases At-A-Glance

  • External: Patient comes to window to pay for clinical visit; Citizen pre-pays for a birth certificate (charges auto-split for state dept of health) and then receives refund
  • Internal: Employee pays to replace a lost badge; Partial payments for open invoices; Ability to define roles and privileges for department users and managers
Cashiering Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

Watch our webcast on-demand for a series of use-case demos from our technical architect.

What is the OnActuate Cashiering Solution?

Our Cashiering solution for the Public Sector leverages Dynamics 365 Commerce. It’s an end-to-end accounting solution that enables execution and central reconciliation of cashiering transactions throughout each of the four main roles involved in the cashiering process – Cashier, Manager, Treasurer, and Auditor.

Whether you’re using case management, finance, operational systems, field service, or cashiering, it’s an interoperable system that works in an integrated manner. Our Cashiering solution isn’t overcomplicated, but it is flexible so you have all the capabilities you need to build and scale. This includes:

  • Unified and accurate front office and back office
  • Seamless end-to-end experience and data-synchronization
  • Extensive audit trail at point-of-sale (POS) available at back office
  • Centralized accounting
  • Fund balancing accounting
  • Cashiering transactions related reports
  • Connectivity with peripheral devices
  • Master and configuration-driven operations (data flows in, gets validated, and then posted)
  • Partial payment for open invoices

Here’s a preview of the top 3 Cashiering features that aren’t available in the core Dynamics 365 Commerce application:

Fund Balancing

Using funds to demonstrate fiscal accountability is an accounting requirement for organizations in the Public Sector. The actual implementation may differ based on localization requirements.

Fund Balancing Feature in the Cashiering solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce.

Check Scanner Integration

This feature can digitally scan checks and endorse the back.

Check Scanner Integration feature in the Cashiering solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce.

One-Stop Financials Workspace

This centralized workspace is valuable as it provides managers with a centralized view for more efficient analysis.

Financials Workspace Feature in the Cashiering solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce.

Learn more about the functions and operations included in our Cashiering solution.

Common Cashiering Problems Facing the Public Sector

Through discovery analysis sessions with our customers, we
have identified the three most common functional challenges related to financial

  1. Isolated systems and disconnected
    Often cashiering – as well as some reporting, budgeting, and
    procurement systems – are disconnected from the core legacy system, which slows
    down processes and increases the margin for error.  
  2. Desire to automate business processes,
    from channel touchpoints to back-end financial management systems:
    A key
    requirement for these clients is to automate their business processes, right
    from cashiering to posting to the ledger.
  3. Impersonalized digital experience for kiosk
    The process needs to be intuitive and efficient. The transaction should
    be easy to use for both the citizen and the city that that is utilizing
    the system. When the process is done quickly it enhances productivity and
    allows the city to focus their time on servicing the programs for their town
    and local government.

Dynamics 365 Commerce and our Cashiering solution can help address these key areas of concern that are very typical for a financial system.

Get more information on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Commerce and how to deliver unified commerce at scale.

A Process-Centric Implementation

OnActuate is an established public sector technology partner with a broad suite of Microsoft business systems and solutions that we support for Dynamics globally. Our collaborative approach to delivering solutions focuses on clearly defined business processes.

This bundle of recommended processes has proven to:

  • Limit the risk of implementation
  • Define and lower the implementation cost
  • Provide a timely implementation-to-production process

Please reach out to a member of our team to learn more about how we can add measurable value to your organization –

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