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When collecting revenue, organizations need to consider leveraging the right technology to process and manage payments. People are used to a modern, digital world where transactions are easy and instant. From online shopping to food delivery services, consumers want simple interfaces with flexible payment options, while employees want trackable and automated backend features. 

Public sector organizations typically have the same list of needs when it comes to their point-of-sale solutions. Technology must make business processes easier, ensure accuracy and enhance the citizen experience for constituents. 

Here are three factors to consider when researching a point-of-sale solution for your public sector organization: 


1. The solution must provide searchable audit details.

To build public trust in your organization, the public must know that you have the tools in place to ensure accuracy and transparency. Don’t get caught up in an audit, months or years later, only to find out that there are discrepancies or inaccuracies. 

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2. The solution should improve business processes. 

Offering excellent customer service and delivering on public services, while not duplicating work and fixing constant mistakes, is what public sector organizations must strive for. A point-of-sale solution should automate simple tasks to save on time and resources so teams can focus on improving services instead. 

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3. The solution should be user-friendly for training.

Point-of-sale solutions that are difficult to learn, difficult to use, and difficult to manage will stress out employees, leading to poor customer service for citizens. Happy and engaged employees in the public sector improves service delivery and employee satisfaction.

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