Mobile Field Service Management Software for an Efficient Salesforce
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We can do almost anything with our mobile devices. With two-thirds of the world’s population connected by mobile devices, it should come as no surprise that mobile technology plays a key role in the efficiency and productivity of your field services team. And yet, the way field service technicians find the information they need to perform a job or meeting remains out-dated, unpredictable, and time-consuming.

Field service is a unique operation for most fast-moving consumable goods companies which relies heavily on planning, customer service, and data collection. On the road, field services agents or technicians are responsible for traveling to different locations, meeting with clients, taking orders, making notes of customer changes, and keeping track of expenses, mileage and other reports. All these variables need to be logged, monitored, and controlled manually. Some employees take physical notes, and mass inputs them into the company’s CRM system at the end of the day or week. Other agents don’t have a system at all and ultimately rely on separate spreadsheets to track valuable information they gather in the run of a day.

Both approaches, manual and disparate, result in inaccuracies, miscommunication, incomplete information – and one highly overwhelmed manager who is forced to spend an excessive amount of time and energy compiling a report on last month’s performance.

The Benefits of Mobile Accessibility on the Road

Now, imagine how different this process would be if your field service agents had a mobile application that integrated with your CRM system to automate and manage their daily tasks. It would not only improve the way they interact and serve your customers; it would result in overall customer satisfaction and bigger profits.

Here are some of the major benefits of introducing mobility into your field service operations:

  • Accurate, timely input of information
  • Real-time updates to customers and accounts in CRM system
  • Better planning of schedules and efficient routes
  • More engaged field service workforce
  • Improved customer experience
  • Saved time and cost on data consolidation
  • Quick access to day-to-day performance

To alleviate the inefficiencies that arise from manual data entry and data silos in the field, many companies are turning to Mobile Field Service Management Software. These solutions give field service managers, sales reps, and technicians the tools they need to plan, record, and deliver efficient services from anywhere on the map. By providing accessible features on a mobile device, service reps can update and make decisions on orders quickly and easily, without any delays.

Mobile Field Service Management Software

Recognizing the impact that this software could have for several of our clients, the OnActuate team developed a mobile field force management solution that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce CRM, OA Field Force Manager. While there are many field management solutions out there, our mobile application is easy to use and provides a familiar platform to maximize employee productivity and streamline operational processes.

Here are eight ways that the OA Field Force Manager mobile application can help you effectively manage your time on the road and increase the profitability of your Salesforce!

  • Start your day off right with Automatic Scheduling

Managers can create daily and weekly planners for their Salesforce team and send them to their mobile app, easily updating with changes and sending notifications of new jobs as they arise.

  • Keep in constant Customer Communication

With instant access to customer information at your fingertips, field services reps can stay current on order status, services updates, and any historical data to ensure the best customer service experience.

  • Centralize your data with CRM System Integration

OA Field Force Manager is fully integrated with Dynamics CRM and Salesforce CRM to simplify the transfer of information from sales reps to managers and cut down on inconsistent manual data entry. This capability also provides quick, efficient reporting in one place.

  • Submit and update orders in real-time with Work Order Management

Don’t let technology prevent you from making the sale! Change or submit customer orders in real-time directly from your mobile app. OA Field Force Manager also provides single-click reorder to streamline the ordering process and keep your customers happy.

  • Get your expenses in on time with quick and easy Expense Submission

OA Field Force Manager helps simplify cumbersome business processes, like expenses, for both managers and employees alike. Easily submit bills through your mobile app and access pre-built dashboards to keep track of your daily allowance and expense status updates.

  • Find the shortest route possible with Route Optimization and GPS Navigation

OA Field Force Manager is integrated with Google Maps to help your field service reps plan their traveling more efficiently. This feature also allows you to change and add new destinations to your schedule, updating in real-time as you go.

  • Record your meetings and customer notes on the fly with Speech to Text Conversion

Book an order, schedule a meeting, or simply take meeting minutes with OA Field Force Manager’s speech to text conversion capabilities. This feature helps your service reps collect data with the click of a button and records all details in your CRM System.

  • Improve salesforce efficiency and meet goals faster with Performance Tracking

With more accurate and timely information being entered automatically through the mobile app, your managers can spend their time on optimizing operations and monitoring performance. OA Field Force Manager will also help you save tons of time on scheduling and managing expenses.

Empower your Salesforce with OnActuate

Wake up and start your day on the right foot with OA Field Force Manager! Hosted on Azure, OA Field Force Manager is easy to install with minimal training required and available on a subscription basis depending on your needs. As a global IT services and business consulting organization, OnActuate delivers fast time to value – where we can have your mobile field service management solution up and running within 3 days!


Have your Mobile Field Service Management Solution up and running.

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