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The common goal shared between federal, municipal, and provincial governments is to meet the ever-changing needs and demands of its citizens. As governments face long-term challenges to delivering services, digital technology has presented a huge opportunity to create process efficiencies, improve communication, enhance public services, and secure future funding.

But how do you leverage cloud technology on a budget? Unfortunately, many governments and public sector organizations face numerous challenges when it comes to implementing new technology like enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Although an integrated cloud-based ERP system may be the answer to all of their problems, it can be difficult to get buy-in from outside organizations, auditors, and the general public.

The good news is, Microsoft and OnActuate have made it easier than ever to deploy faster, smarter technology to improve the quality of life for your citizens. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a flexible, cloud-based business management platform designed to seamlessly integrate with all of Microsoft’s technologies. As an easily customizable solution, Dynamics 365 is an affordable and scalable option for public sector organizations looking to migrate their infrastructure to the cloud and explore mobile accessibility options.

Why Do Governments Need Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365 is a robust platform, and with the public sector expertise from the OnActuate team, it can help you:

  • Improve service
  • Connect with citizens
  • Make the most of budgets
  • Engage employees

Understanding the need for faster, more innovative technology on a budget, OnActuate developed a repeatable, proven ERP implementation methodology called City-in-a-Box. In this blog post, we are going to share more about what’s included in this implementation approach and why it’s the best choice for any government body interested in transforming their technology.

What is OnActuate’s City-in-a-Box?  

Did you know that by 2023, more than 80% of the government’s digital implementations that do not build on a technology platform will fail to meet objectives? At OnActuate, we understand the inner workings of the public sector. To pass a new technology initiative, you need the support and buy-in of every key stakeholder and, most importantly, your citizens.

The best way to get through all of these hoops is with a tried-and-true implementation process specifically designed to minimize risk and provide rapid deployment. After rolling out Dynamics 365 in several different public sector organizations, we recognized the need for a repeatable, proven implementation methodology that can guarantee those outcomes.

OnActuate’s City-in-a-Box features process-centric Dynamics 365 implementation methods that are built specifically to fit the unique requirements and needs of cities and governments. As a streamlined Dynamics 365 implementation package, we take a simplified 7-step approach with highly focused sessions and predictable outcomes:

 City-in-a-Box is tailored to fit each government organization, following our standardized procedures and set budget for implementation, training, and customization. Our proven, standardized methodology typically takes 4 months to analyze, optimize, train, and successfully implement Dynamics 365.

The City-in-a-Box package includes:  

  • End-to-end financial and operational management functionality (see image below for the full set of features)
  • Data migration, including master and opening balances
  • Budget planning and control dashboards
  • Custom vendor collaboration portal
  • A process catalog of nearly 500 American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC) endorsed public sector processes for minimal customizations
  • RSAT and interface framework
  • Professional training using a “Train the trainer” approach

Key Benefits of OnActuate’s City-in-a-Box Approach  

If your government organization is ready to make the move to Dynamics 365 and start seeing results, City-in-a-Box is the most economical and efficient package for you. As an experienced Microsoft Gold Partner, OnActuate brings a wealth of knowledge regarding technology in the public sector to your implementation. We not only specialize in tailoring Dynamics 365 to fit public sector organizations, but we also design specific solutions and services to meet common issues, such as cashiering, vendor collaboration, and budgeting.

With Dynamics 365 and OnActuate’s proven project methodology based on years of experience, our City-in-a-Box package can help you:

  • Speed through the analysis phase 40% faster than other partners
  • Save money and time on implementation and training
  • Take advantage of APQC endorsed public sector processes
  • Leverage OnActuate’s public sector tax and compliance law knowledge
  • Reduce risk with streamlined methodology and industry best practices
  • Experience quick time to value
  • Get your team trained and comfortable on the new platform

So how does it work? We start with defining requirements and mapping out your solution for seamless deployment. At each step of the way, we analyze and test before moving forward so that when it’s time to go live—it’s done with complete confidence. To learn more about OnActuate’s City-in-a-Box package for Dynamics 365 and see how it works, book a demo with one of our public sector experts. They will walk you through the system and methods, answering any questions you have.

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