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Update in October 2022 

Platform Version: 10.0.29 

Build Number: 10.0.1326 

Link: October Update 2022 

Refresh Entity List 

In this feature Refresh entity list has been refactored so that it always run in a batch. 

User-based service protection API limits 

User-based service protection API limits help protect system performance and availability from harm by individual users or integrations. The limits are designed to protect the service when client applications make extraordinary demands on server resources through integrations with Open Data Protocol (OData) or custom service APIs. 

In this release, the feature is optional and is disabled by default. In version 10.0.30, the user-based API limits will be enabled by default but can optionally be disabled. The feature is targeted to become mandatory in version 10.0.33. 

Link: Service protection API Limits

Update in November 2022 

Platform Version: 10.0.30 

Build Number: 10.0.1362 

Link: November Update 2022 

Grid Capabilities 

New grid control support for grouped card lists and multi-column card lists 

Pages with these types of card lists are no longer automatically reverting to use the legacy grid control. In addition, any usages of the forceLegacyGrid() API—because of a grouped or multi-column card list—should be safe to remove. 

Link: Grid Capabilities 

Statement Timeout 

SQL queries issued from non-interactive sessions will be assigned a timeout duration. The default value is 3 hours for an individual query. In scenarios when longer query execution is anticipated, use query Timeout API to override the default value 

Link: Platform updates for version 10.0.30 of finance and operations apps (November 2022) 

Update in January 2023 

Platform Version: 10.0.31 

Build Number: 10.0.1406 

Link: January Update 2023 

Allow Row version change tracking for tables and data entities 

A new change tracking option has been added to finance and operations apps. This option enables Microsoft Dataverse to be used for incremental synchronization of data. Change tracking is a prerequisite for several features, such as Data archival, Synapse integration, Mobile offline, and Relevance search. The eventual goal is to unify all existing finance and operations data synchronization frameworks into one that is based on Dataverse synchronization services. 

Before you create or update data entities so that you can use them with row version change tracking, verify that all tables that are used as data sources for those entities allow for row version change tracking. 

Link: Allow Row version change tracking for tables and data entities 

A New Table metadata property 

A new Table metadata property, DisableDatabaseLog, lets you prevent tables from being added to the database log. The default value is No. If the value is set to Yes, the table can’t be added when the database log is set up. 

Link: Platform updates for version 10.0.31 of finance and operations apps (January 2022) 

A New SecurityRole metadata property 

A new SecurityRole metadata property, Can Be Deleted From UI, has been added to help protect system roles from being deleted by using finance and operations apps. The default value is Yes. If the value is set to No, a delete action will cause the following error message to be shown: “‘NN’ is a system role that can not be removed.” 

Link: Platform updates for version 10.0.31 of finance and operations apps (January 2022) 

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