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Coming out of 2022, public sector organizations will have to examine internal and external factors that could greatly affect how they operate. Due to the ongoing pandemic, global inflation and a changing workforce, public sector organizations must stay on top of the trends and get ahead before issues arise. Here are the five trends OnActuate predicts will be major factors that the public sector will have to invest time, energy, and capital in:

Digital Transformations

The world continues to go paperless, and 2023 will be no exception. Here’s why it’s important for the paperless trend to continue in the public sector space:

  • Reduces workload and is easily accessible: Public sector organizations run smoother when they invest in technology that keeps records updated and accurate. Having many different software solutions with records scattered everywhere can cause confusion, leading to wasted time and increased workload. Moving the system to the cloud allows for information to be easily accessible almost anywhere and at any time. An enterprise software solution will allow different departments from finance, marketing, help centres etc., to easily share information and work efficiently and collaboratively together.
  • Consistent service delivery: Many larger public sector organizations are years into their digital transformations, but some smaller organizations have fallen behind. Many people are moving from big cities and choosing to live in more rural areas, which provides a different way of life and cheaper living expenses, all while working remotely. However, if you have lived in a larger city, you are used to certain levels of service and you want the service to be consistently delivered. Many smaller communities are having to invest in infrastructure and services to accommodate the rapid influx of population. Municipalities who have invested in cloud-based automation solutions will be able to more quickly accommodate population growth.
  • Sustainability: Many public sector organizations have committed to sustainability goals and values. The average U.S office worker uses 10,000 pieces of paper a year. Going paperless is a big step to achieve sustainable business objectives and reduce operational costs.

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Many organizations have committed to being more proactive with their policies and procedures. To be able to do this, the organization needs access to real-time data. Organizations need tools and solutions to gather insightful data. Users then need to be able to report on and analyze this data to make better decisions. When analyzed well, this data will show trends and help shape new programs and policies that focus on preventative measures and proactive approaches to meet the needs of their constituents. For example, data related to property crime can be used to show where resources should be spent to help create preventative, educational programs, targeting certain crimes, thus reducing the need for more police resources.

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Individualized Citizen Support

Public services will make a shift from a catch-all, one size fits most to individualized and customized services. By utilizing the power of data, the public sector will be able to pinpoint certain demographics and geographic areas that need certain services and provide a more individual experience for each citizen.

We are all used to getting instant results and answers from the internet, so investing in technology that offers citizens a way to obtain information or request a service immediately will be a big focus for public sector organizations. The right technology will allow citizens to feel empowered to not only contact their local government, but to find information on their own. OnActuate’s Transparency Platform is a portal where citizens can find reports, records, invoices and other information regarding projects, so citizens can find their own answers. OnActuate’s 311 Citizen Services and Case Management solution is a tool to collaborate cross-department, provide faster response times, and equip teams with the latest technology to access information anywhere, anytime.

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The more businesses and organizations transition to cloud-based systems, the more important cybersecurity will be.

The best decision when it comes to cybersecurity is to find a solution that understands the important regulatory requirements of public sector organizations. From ensuring citizens and employees use two-step identification processes, to risk-based assessments, OnActuate’s Fraud Protection solution offers cybersecurity measures specifically tailored for the public sector. This solution ensures public sector organizations get a robust system that is not just a cookie-cutter solution made for other industries.

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Tight Resources

With a fragile global economy and inflation on the rise, all industries are feeling pressured to cost effectively deliver products and services. The public sector is often working with limited resources while the demand for services grows. Public sector organizations will need to be able to manage their cashflow effectively, collect taxes and payments in a timely manner, and ensure public funding continues to be available for all required services.

Thankfully, having a cloud-based system allows for the public sector to offer easy and quick payment methods. OnActuate’s Cashiering solution allows for simple payment processing through a secured portal. This allows citizens to get instant access to services, while public sector organizations can ensure bills for services are paid accurately and on time.

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Is your public sector organization already dealing with these trends but don’t know where to start? Contact OnActuate to discuss solutions and digital transformations, to ensure you stay ahead of the trends and prepare yourself for 2023.

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