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The word is out – Business Intelligence (BI) is no longer a secret in the public sector.

As a technology and strategy, advanced analytics have infiltrated government and public service organizations around the world and resulted in enhanced connectivity, operational efficiencies, and data-driven decision making.

BI has not only transformed how these businesses operate but what society now expects from services.  

A recent survey by Gartner shows that public sector CIOs ranked self-service analytics and BI as the top differentiating technology for their organizations. From state governments to local fire departments, we have seen these agencies start to use data and analytics to optimize operations, reduce costs, and deliver better services to the community.

With BI and analytics driving informed decisionmaking in the public sector, these organizations are gaining new levels of insight into public education, healthcare services, public utilities, emergency response, and transportation services.  

That’s why it might surprise you to hear that over half of the public sector in Canada has not fully embraced BI and analytics technologies within their business practices.

The technology is there, the abundance of data is ready for analysis – so why aren’t these organizations equipped to modernize

Barriers of Business Intelligence Adoption in the Public Sector  

Despite the growth and success that both public and private companies have seen with analytics, BI projects are still a huge undertaking. Government organizations face similar challenges that large, complex private companies experience when implementing BI programs.

When shifting from IT-led, systemofrecord reporting to business-led, agile analytics, common hurdles include:  

  • Multiple unintegrated systems and infrastructure  
  • Volume and complexity of Data
  • Time and resources required for planning, implementation, and delivery  
  • High costs associated with software and training  
  • Lack of internal BI skills and resources  
  • Unique organizational, procedural, and regulatory processes  
  • Security and trust concerns 

On top of software implementation challenges, true BI requires a structural change to your organization. And building an analytical culture where data is widely used doesn’t happen overnight. As a result, it can be difficult for many public sector organizations to meet these challenges while juggling budget constraints.  

5 Benefits of Leveraging Proper Insights in the Public Sector 

The trouble is, organizations in the public sector who don’t make analytics a priority are at a huge risk.

While the costs and resources might seem daunting, the fact is that your data is important, and the implications of not investing in a solution can be catastrophic.

We’re talking inefficient processes that consume your entire budget or unhappy employees facing backlash from citizens on ineffective services and programs. We’re talking about the risk of system failure, performance issues, and a laundry list of other problems that lead to chaos.     

Due to the nature of your industry, you need the ability to analyze enormous quantities of data and turn that data into actionable insight to improve the efficiency of your organization and the services you provide.

Citizens, taxpayers, and government officials need to know where their tax dollars are being spent.

As leaders in organizational change and digital transformation, we have helped all areas of government leverage their infrastructure and achieve advanced insight into their activities. Through these analytics and reporting initiatives, here are 5 areas where we have seen the impact that BI can have on government and public sector organizations:   

      1. Data Management 
        To derive value from the information collected and be confident in your findings, high volumes of data require cleansing, validation, de-duplication, and regular auditing.       
      2. Transparency and Accountability  
        With the ability to easily share data and report on spending to the local public, governments can strengthen trust and facilitate the delivery of services.  
      3. Employee Productivity
        Providing your employees with the right tools they need to access and share data, create reports and dashboards, and make informed decisions is a game changer.   
      4. Citizen Experience 
        Through self-service tools and simplified user experience, BI enables the efficient delivery of digital services and also provides actionable data that can be used to enhance services in the future 
      5. Cost and Time Savings
        Automated business processes and detailed data analysis can provide the right information needed to save worker time and make operational changes that reduce costs and optimize resources     

We have helped governments and public service organizations integrate multiple applications and systems, automate complex processes, resolve data integrity issues, and leverage a single, meaningful view of data across multiple agencies and departments for staff, stakeholders, and citizens to consume.

With better insight into costs, budgets, performance, legal and community data, and pending legislation, analytics has helped them leverage their data to the fullest.  

Make Business Intelligence a Priority

The opportunities to apply BI and Analytics in the Public Sector are abundant once you overcome the specific cultural and technical challenges listed above. We believe that technology is all about the people who use it. Leading public sector organizations are the ones who are taking a strategic approach to data management and analytics.  

To embrace digitization and become a data-driven organization in the public sector, you need the right team to help you get there.

With our technical knowledge and experience working with government and public service organizations, we can help you find a BI and analytics solution that aligns with your strategic goals and budget.

Contact us to set up an initial meeting to discuss your goals and Analytics needs.    

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