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June was a busy time of year for diversity and inclusion on social media for most companies as they celebrated Pride Month and recognized Juneteenth on June 19. 

These practices are important, but it’s not as simple as posting online. It’s about demonstrating your values as an organization, something that OnActuate does every day by being people first. 

So, what does it mean to be people first? It means actively celebrating our differences, providing equal access to opportunities and resources, and building relationships. 

People have differences 

According to a Great Place to Work (which OnActuate is certified for in Canada and India), diversity is about representation and the make-up of a company. 

OnActuate is a diverse company comprised of professionals from different nationalities, races, genders, sexual orientations, and backgrounds. We represent people from all walks of life and allow our staff to be who they are and come as they are. 

Here are some diversity statistics about OnActuate: 

  • Our leadership team is made up of men, women and people of colour. 
  • Despite being founded in Vancouver, 75% of OnActuate staff are non-Canadian citizens from around the globe, spanning 7 different countries. 
  • OnActuate staff in total can speak 21 different languages. 

Our diverse team allows us to better reach, connect and support a range of customers that are just as diverse as we are! 

People like inclusion 

Diversity and inclusion go together but are not the same. While diversity is about representation, inclusion is about how much a company values the opinions, voices, and contributions of their workforce. 

People appreciate being included in decisions and feeling like their ideas matter. At OnActuate, we ensure employees have a seat at the table by running quarterly surveys, asking for input, and allowing employees to choose their career growth with professional development opportunities. Based on employee feedback, we simplified our professional development request process, launched Value in Performance (VIP) awards to recognize staff who embody our core values, and increased our relocation support.  

Another of OnActuate’s core values is meaningful leadership. We believe in leadership based on respect, gratitude, and empathy. OnActuate is also considering other practices that we can incorporate such as hosting internal events that actively promote diversity and providing education around holding others and themselves accountable and being aware of bias. 

Our values are represented in our policies. We incorporate DEI into our recruitment process to create an equitable workplace for women in tech. Additionally, we offer paid parental leave to either parent of a new baby (regardless of how they identify), as well as to adoptive and foster parents, and we have protections embedded into our Employee Handbook and all staff are held accountable for upholding our values.  

People build relationships 

Building meaningful relationships is what makes our people first value succeed. We build relationships with our customers and partners year-round by truly understanding their needs and working closely with them to deliver success after success. 

It’s not just our customers and partners – it’s our employees too. We work with our team members to provide a roadmap to meet their career goals, through a wide range of internal and external trainings, certifications, and career development opportunities. In 2023, we started a Women in Leadership mentorship program to connect the women of OnActuate with women leaders to foster their career growth into leadership and management positions.

Join OnActuate 

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