3 Takeaways from OnActuate HCM VP at INSIGHTS 2023 | OnActuate

This article was written by Marnie Larson, VP, HCM Practice at OnActuate.


When we think of Vegas, we think of glitzy shows, casinos, and all you can eat buffets! However, when Ceridian (rebranded to Dayforce – more on that later) invited me to Vegas, I knew I was going to get a whole lot more than just glitz and glam. I got an opportunity to experience and connect with a software company that is revolutionizing Human Capital Management (HCM) technology.

INSIGHTS 2023, Ceridian’s annual showcase that invites customers and partners to learn about new offerings from the company, was held on Oct. 2 – 5, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was an opportunity to see how the HCM software, Dayforce, is helping leaders shape the workforce of tomorrow with AI-driven innovation, streamlined HR technology, and the power to make work life better.

As VP of the HCM Practice at OnActuate, a global technology and consulting firm, I’m always keeping up to date on the latest trends in the workforce management, and the technology that will change how HR functions and how employees navigate the workplace. That’s why it was important for me to experience INSIGHTS and see what the future has in store from one of the biggest, and most respected players in the industry.

Here are my three takeaways from INSIGHTS:

1.       Dayforce Product Innovations

In exciting product sessions, Dayforce Co-Pilot was announced for a 2024 launch. It’s a new suite of Dayforce features that’s powered by AI technology. Dayforce Co-Pilot will revolutionize HR and HCM by giving employees a hyper-personalized guide and experience, while automating repetitive tasks, saving organizations time and resources. Dayforce is already an innovative software that has helped countless organizations be more agile and strategic in an ever-changing workforce landscape. Now with AI-capabilities, Dayforce will unlock automation, enhance recruitment efforts, and optimize strong data for better decision-making.

Dayforce Integration Studio was also highlighted. This suite of tools will make it easier for other systems to integrate with Dayforce so organizations can get the most out of all their technology investments. I’m excited for the future of Dayforce and how it will positively impact HR teams and organizations.

Watch this year’s keynote speaker, actor Kevin Bacon, talk about building connections. 2.       A Hands-on Learning Opportunity

INSIGHTS isn’t just about new announcements and getting to see Kevin Bacon on stage (I can now tell people that I, and everyone else in that room, is separated by Kevin Bacon by one degree). It’s also about hands-on learning, with labs set up to dive deep into Dayforce’s capabilities and discover new ways of optimizing the technology. INSIGHTS offered such a valuable experience to unlock the full potential of Dayforce that should not be missed by any customer or partner.

I also enjoyed being able to connect with the Ceridian team, customers, and partners, to fully understand what they wanted to get out of the already powerful product.

3.       Rebrand to Dayforce

During INSIGHTS, Ceridian announced that they are officially rebranding to Dayforce. The name Dayforce is the name of Ceridian’s flagship HCM software that offers payroll, comprehensive employee profiles, data, analytics, and more. It’s the ultimate HCM tool to manage and foster your workforce, building upon the brand’s promise of “Makes Work Life Better.” Dayforce was initially acquired by Ceridian back in 2012, and Dayforce founder, David Ossip was named CEO of Ceridian.

The rebrand will come into effect in February 2024. This rebrand makes a lot of sense, as Dayforce has always been a trusted and coveted brand in the HCM industry, and now the brand’s name, messaging and aesthetics will all align under Dayforce.


Thank you to the Ceridian team who made INSIGHTS 2023 happen. The HCM software company not only knows how to connect with their audience but is also a valuable, educational resource in the HR and workforce management space. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store!


If you’re a Dayforce customer already, then you need to consider a trip to next year’s INSIGHTS! Not yet a Dayforce customer? Learn more about the powerful HCM software and how it can help your organization not only manage but propel your workforce to “Make Work Life Better”. Want to take a closer look at Dayforce? Book a time with me to discuss the opportunities and see how Dayforce can enhance your HR team and workforce.

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