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Vancouver, BC, 30 April 2018—OnActuate consulting is pleased to announce it has been nominated for two 2018 Startup Canada awards: the global award based on its global orientation, business practices, and presence; and the high-growth award based on its rapid growth for a period exceeding three years. Startup Canada Awards are presented to entrepreneurs and companies that will help build a stronger economy for the future of Canada, and the winners will be announced in early May 2018.

Founder and CEO, Sharan Oberoi, says, “Since OnActuate’s inception we’ve had a vision to become a global leading enterprise systems integrator. It’s exciting to be nominated for these prestigious awards as our vision materializes, and we have our employees and clients, who have put their trust in us, to thank.”

OnActuate has served the global community from the outset. Upon its founding in 2012, its first client was a global operator and the world’s third largest private commodities trader (#54 Fortune 2016 Global 500). Since then, OnActuate has continued to expand its global reach, one country at a time. Today it serves clients located in over forty countries around the world.

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, OnActuate is a Canadian company to the core. However, to serve its widely dispersed clients, OnACtuate has offices in Singapore, Delhi, Noida (India), and Seattle as well as Vancouver, BC, and Toronto, Ontario. Additionally, office locations are being established in Latin America and the UK. Operating from local office locations, close to its clients, is critical for OnActuate to maintain its geographical cultural edge and to perfect its agility and swift technology rollouts across multiple countries.

Rapid growth has punctuated OnActuate’s journey to success; with just three on the payroll at its founding in 2012, it currently employs more than 150 technology experts. In its first year, it grew its employee base by a colossal 933%! Revenues have kept pace with extraordinary growth ranging up to 395% annually. The company attributes its success, in part, to its adoption of leading edge digital technologies, including Internet of Things (IoT), mobile, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence (AI). OnActuate has adapted very quickly from traditional methods of system integration to integrating the latest technology into the systems of yesterday. It has honed the ability to create a futuristic and business-friendly technical environment for its clients.

About OnActuate

OnActuate Consulting Inc. is a fast-emerging organization focused on solving business challenges through technical solutions. Its team of digital transformation specialists and system integrators operate primarily with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Dynamics AX, Dynamics 365, and Dynamics CRM solutions as well as Salesforce CRM. OnActuate clients range from medium-sized businesses entering into ERP and CRM solutions to large Fortune 500 conglomerates operating across multiple countries and continents, including well-knowns such as McDonald’s, Volvo, and Washington State. With offices in Vancouver, Toronto, Seattle, Singapore, Delhi, and Mumbai, OnActuate’s 150 plus technology solution experts are carefully selected to deliver success to its growing number of clients around the globe.


Audrey Ple (for OnActuate Consulting Inc.)
T 604 506 2266

Ivana Misci (for OnActuate Consulting Inc.)
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Sharan Oberoi, Founder, CEO