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Artificial Intelligence is changing the way businesses operate and how workers are doing their jobs. AI use will only increase in the workplace as more business owners and executives adopt and support the technology. But what do employees, the majority of which will directly use AI or indirectly be affected by AI, think about all of this?

Pulse of Talent: Insights from the global workforce

Dayforce, a leader in HCM software technology, released their 14th annual Pulse of Talent report which surveyed 8,751 workers from around the world to get an idea of the state of the global workforce.

The report has uncovered some surprising opinions from the workforce on AI:

  • 50% of the workers surveyed think AI can improve their productivity at work.
  • 65% of workers surveyed said they have not used generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT, to support their work in the last 6 months.
  • For workers who used AI, some of the top reasons for using AI was to get quick answers, save time on low-value tasks and to inspire creativity/get new ideas.



If you’re interested in the results from the Pulse of Talent report to help strategically plan for recruitment and retention, then download the report.



Employees want employers to embrace AI

What’s most interesting about the report findings is that though many employees currently don’t use AI for their jobs directly, they are not opposed to their employers implementing AI to better their experience at work and their personal careers.

80% of employees are interested in their employers using AI to recommend internal career and skills development opportunities. This could be a benefit to organizations, as AI can help retain employees and develop a more agile workforce by allowing employees to develop several skills and experience and expand their range of knowledge.

Overall, 85% of respondents approve of their organizations investing in upgrading technology whether it be AI, or newer software and hardware.

Turn to HCM software

A great investment in technology that also invests in employees is Human Capital Management (HCM) software. HCM software goes far beyond the early versions of HR technology that focused on payroll and simple employee profiles, to more data-leveraging and personalized career tracking.

HCM software leaders like Dayforce have created robust platforms that benefit both the organization and the individual employee. On the organizational level, HR teams can utilize AI and data for recruitment to seek similar talent that are already doing well within the organization. Generative AI can also be leveraged for writing job postings, and helping HR teams speed up the recruitment process.

In a webinar organized by Dayforce on the Pulse of Talent findings, panelists discussed that managers could leverage AI to navigate challenging conversations with their teams. From mental health to diversity talks, AI can help come up with talking points and give tips on sensitive issues.

On the individual level, employees can enjoy perks such as pay advances, easy time-off requests, scheduling calendars, and more. Managers and employees can also keep track of an employee’s professional development and plan an employee’s career advancement.

With Dayforce Talent Management, employers can keep employees engaged with rewards for top performers, anonymous surveys to collect feedback, and using AI and internal tracking data to help develop career plans for individuals.

Other factors to look out for

AI and upgrading technology are just a few aspects on how to increase retention. Here are some other stats from the Pulse of Talent report that employers should factor in when introducing changes and perks to benefit employees.

  • 69% of respondents are a flight risk of leaving their current job.
  • 4 in 10 respondents said there is a different role that better matches their skillset.
  • 55% of employees said they would put in less effort at work if their employer eliminated a needed work benefit.


The Great Balancing Act is a discussion between HR experts covering key findings and tips to build trust, inspire loyalty, and driver higher performance in your organization. Watch the panel on-demand here.


Are you ready to improve your HCM?

Your organizational culture and strength depend on your employees. Investing in the technology that will help employees realize their goals, embrace company values, and keep them happy to lower the risk of leaving will always be a good choice.

Contact OnActuate to discuss the opportunities for your workforce.

Upcoming webinar on AI

Interested in how to implement AI for your organization to improve business processes and the employee experience? Register for our upcoming webinar with Dayforce and Microsoft for a panel discussion on AI!

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