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Act now to save on Microsoft Dynamics 365 licenses before the 2024 price increase! With Microsoft set to increase licensing costs by 10-15% starting October 1, 2024, there’s no better time to contact OnActuate and lock in your rates. 

In April, Microsoft announced this significant price increase, affecting different modules at varying rates, starting in the U.S. and gradually rolling out globally. This marks the first pricing update for Dynamics 365 in over five years, with another minor increase scheduled for October 1, 2025. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 streamlines processes and unifies your entire team on one platform from finance, to sales, to HR. The powerful ERP and CRM system can bring your data together, increase productivity, and integrate other business applications such as Microsoft Office and Teams. 

Choosing the right license

When considering a Dynamics 365 license, think about the functionalities needed in the system, the number of users and the types of users. For example, full user access licenses are those whose work requires the full, feature-rich functionality of Dynamics 365, whether in a large organization with Enterprise licenses or a small company with a Professional license. 

There is no one-size-fits-all for a Dynamics 365 license as your licensing needs depend on several factors. The type of industry you’re in, budget, scale of operations, how many users and more will determine what you’ll need. It’s best to contact a Microsoft partner and to shop around for the best license recommendations. 

Explore the different licenses available for your team and delve deeper into the different licenses for more clarity here. 

Choosing your licensing partner

To purchase a Dynamics 365 license, you must go through a Microsoft partner who is certified to sell a license. There are many partners out there with varying degrees of expertise and services offered. Choosing the right partner isn’t just who can sell you the most economical license, but who can offer you the most value for your investment. 

Download our tip sheet to help you select the right technology partner.

How to save on Microsoft Dynamics 365 before 2024 price increase

OnActuate is a global, people-first technology organization that aims to save you money and generate value for your investment. That’s why we’re offering special discounts for first-time license purchasers across Canada, US, India and various regions in ASEAN. 

Partnering with OnActuate means we will enhance your buying experience, provide additional value and expertise through consultation, and ensure a smoother implementation and ongoing support process for your organization. 

OnActuate can help optimize licenses by analyzing your requirements and giving feedback and suggestions to pay minimum for maximum benefits. 

Take advantage of the discounted price before the price increase in October!


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Note: If you are already an existing Dynamics 365 or Power Platform license holder with an upcoming renewal date before the price increase, contact us and we’ll be happy to look into discounted prices for your organization. 

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