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Dzcard is a leading end-to-end smart card solutions provider in Southeast Asia and Africa. Over the last 50 years, it has built an outstanding global reputation for manufacturing smart cards and high-end security products.

Business Challenge

Using different ERP applications at different locations caused three key business challenges:

  1. dzcard had no controls when it came to procurement requests.
  2. Calculating actual profit at the sales invoice level was a challenge because the process was manual, and it took too much time at month-end to close the books.
  3. The production operation time was captured outside of the system, so it was difficult to get real-time data and clarity on utilization of resources.

Dzcard wanted to optimize efficiencies by moving all its locations to one application with both global and local features.


Dzcard partnered with OnActuate to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 14 (D365 BC). This project resolved dzcard’s business challenges and streamlined processes through automation, direct data capture, and production lifecycle monitoring. Key improvements include:

  1. Utilizing automated features like workflows for procurement requests, so printed documents no longer require a manual signature.
  2. Capturing required sales information directly into the system to get desired profitability information in just a few clicks – no manual calculation required.
  3. Capturing the production operation time directly in the system to maintain transparency with departments and management. In addition, D365 BC monitors the production lifecycle to identify opportunities where dzcard can eliminate waste and reduce equipment downtime.

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  • From day one, OnActuate had an easy-going and supportive mindset with a strong dedicated team.

    Brian Jensen Chief Strategy Officer (during implementation), dzcard

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