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OnActuate provides consulting and ongoing support services to help Toronto Real Estate Group Revitalize City’s Waterfront

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About the Company

Waterfront Toronto came together in 2001 to tackle big issues along the waterfront of the city of Toronto that only collaboration across all three levels of government could solve. With the backing of federal, provincial, and municipal governments, Waterfront Toronto tries to overcome the barriers to revitalization so that Toronto can take its place among the world’s top waterfronts. By listening to the public voice, they’re delivering a distinct and vivid vision for a vibrant and sustainable waterfront. Working with partners, from property developers to conservationists and community groups, Waterfront Toronto is creating conditions for next-generation job creation while improving the ecological health of the waterfront.

The OnActuate team took the time to listen to us and understand what we wanted – they are very patient and accommodating. We are thankful for the amazing developers at OnActuate who created a customized tasking system for us in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.

Gloria Chouman, Operations Manager
Exponent Investment Management

Business Challenge

Waterfront Toronto was seeking the services of OnActuate to review and resolve two critical ongoing issues they were experiencing with the D365 F&O environment. Both issues had a significant impact on system function/credibility and staff productivity. 


Waterfront Toronto has partnered with OnActuate for project advisory consulting and on-going support. The advisory is for the analysis and overcoming their current financial system processing issues. OnActuate will also provide support program services to Waterfront Toronto for their D365 systems. Through detailed analysis and trusted consulting, OnActuate will be able to successfully resolve any issues with F&O and continue to support Waterfront Toronto as they adjust to new technologies. The result will increase business efficiency and restore staff confidence in the system, thus improving employee satisfaction.

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