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Power App to enhance UI of HR solution and provide seamess system integrations for government agency

Implementation – Microsoft Power Platform

Public Sector

About the Company

The Los Angeles County Internal Services Department (ISD) is a government agency responsible for providing a wide range of support services to various county departments and agencies within Los Angeles County, California. The primary mission of the ISD is to support the efficient and effective operation of county government by delivering essential services and resources in the areas of purchasing, contracting, facilities, information technology, and other support services.

OnActuate’s knowledge of our processes and local tax regulations was crucial in leading a smooth transition to a single ERP system. We can now manage our back-office processes more efficiently, leaving more time to focus on our omni-channel customer experience strategy. This helped us quickly innovate to better offer contactless ordering during the pandemic.

Vinay Kumar
Group CIO, McDonald’s India (CPRPL)

Business Challenge

“In the bustling hub of Los Angeles County, the Internal Services Department (ISD) found itself grappling with a pressing dilemma. Their existing HR system no longer met their evolving needs. The challenge was twofold: they were constrained by an inflexible legacy system, and the prospect of upgrading it posed substantial financial hurdles. Change was imperative.


With OnActuate’s partnership, LA County ISD is undergoing a transformative journey, receiving not only an innovative Power App but also a profound understanding of their unique needs. This Power App will provide a contemporary user interface that seamlessly integrates with their internal Electronic Health Record (EHR) system and other vital systems. The result will be enhanced efficiency, productivity, and the readiness to thrive in the digital era. This journey was driven by a shared commitment with Microsoft to empower LA County ISD and the communities they serve.

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