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ERP Implementation Audits

Complete Assessment of Your Microsoft Dynamics AX or NAV Implementation

Are You Struggling with Your Processes or Your Business System?

Most ERP systems can perform the required business tasks if properly configured, but if you’re struggling to make your Microsoft Dynamics AX or NAV system work for you, you might be wondering where things are going wrong. Are your business processes poorly aligned to your goals, or is your ERP system not correctly configured to meet your needsOnce you start questioning the adequacy of your ERP system it’s time to conduct an audit.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Whether you’re running Dynamics NAV or have moved to Dynamics 365 Business Central, you want to make sure every process is aligned, and feature working, so you don’t make the common error of using only 20% of your solution.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations are sophisticated platforms with the potential to truly improve your business, but if not correctly set up, your success is at risk.

Global ERP

If your system isn’t working properly for you at home, you can’t successfully scale. Global implementations are at the heart of our business, and if you’re concerned about your expansion, we can bring confidence back into the project.

Leverage Toolsets and Expertise to Build Confidence

When auditing your Microsoft Dynamics AX or NAV instance, we want to look at every aspect of the solution and deliver a clear report on where you stand and what it will take to get you where you want to be. The team at OnActuate is comprised of astute business consultants, expert developers, and a group of functional and execution resources that know how to take a big problem and distill it down to a feasible solution. 

Our toolset includes a configuration review kit, a complete code analysis framework, and guidelines around expected process flow vs. identified user workarounds or customizations. We assess every aspect of your Dynamics ERP solution, which drives out a complete audit report that initiates actions. 

Close the Loop on Your Code and Drive Functionality

We’ve seen it time and time again – the lack of a proper DevOps set-up leads to code that is everywhere, patchy and non-functional. During an audit, we will review the use of Azure DevOps in your project, and determine best practices for leveraging a DevOps environment going forward. We want to ensure your code is centralized, available for collaboration, effectively versioned and properly configured before we can advise on moving ahead.

» How Azure DevOps Benefit the Enterprise 

Actionable Insights for Any Size Business

At OnActuate, we are guided by a single principle – to limit customizations and complexities for our customers now, so that their future is easier to manage. In our complete audit reports we will outline everything, from advising on hardware set-up, current tool usage, and the configuration of your technology to showing you exactly how to get back to a more standard, and clean system.  

With our Enterprise Clients, the ERP Audit includes both current state, recommendations, and a clear future road-map, so every decision made today informs the decisions made tomorrow. For our small and mediumsized clients, we provide a complete report which outlines where they stand today in terms of processes, functionality, customizations, and risks, and then provide exact steps on how to close the gap between the solution you have today, and a more standard and usable system.

Rescue, Reimplement or Upgrade Your Way to Better Systems

At the end of every audit engagement, you will know how to move ahead with your Dynamics AX or Dynamics NAV solution. It may be a matter of reorganizing your business processes to better meet the standards in your system, or it may be better to upgrade to the next version and manage that change. Whatever the result of your ERP systems audit, OnActuate can work directly with you to get everything working as it should. Microsoft Dynamics offers powerful, scalable solutions with all the standard features and functionality your business needs – let OnActuate show you how to reclaim success with your Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution.

Deep Dive into Your ERP System Set-Up with an Audit from OnActuate

We have the tools and expertise you need to evaluate your Microsoft Dynamics solution and determine your best path toward increased success.

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