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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent 

Recruit and retain the best people for your business.

Attract and engage top talent with Human Capital Management

In our first 3 years, OnActuate grew from three to 120 members, working in over 60 countries and serving five of the top Fortune 500 companies. The secret behind our success? People. That’s why we believe that technology to manage and nurture the relationships with your employees, customers, and potential recruits is a smart investment. Dynamics 365 for Talent is a highly effective HR management tool for fast-growing businessesIt is scalable application that is easy to setup and includes built-in analytics to improve the hiring experience and strengthen your core HR programs.

OnActuate came in and took the time to get to know our business. That’s how we knew they would provide us with the right solution. They were able to come up with a system that gave us the tools we needed to understand our opportunities, our sales and our numbers, and that’s what we needed at the end of the day.” 

 – Mahmoud DiMassi 
IT Manager, Viscor 

Streamline core HR processes to inspire Excellence

Dynamics 365 for Talent provides a centralized platform for performance tracking, workforce planning, benefits administration, compensation management, and so much more. With OnActuate by your side to personalize your solutionmanagement can improve planning and collaboration, optimize costs, and make better decisions based on analysis.

Maximize productivity, minimize Turnover

With intuitive features for recruiting, onboarding, engaging, and optimizing, Dynamics 365 for Talent can help you build a happy, productive team. OnActuate provides the technology and expertise to so you have everything you need (including LinkedIn integration and Office 365) to manage and grow your employees throughout their entire working journey.

Transform your human resources processes with OnActuate

It’s time to put your people first. Dynamics 365 for Talent is a flexible business application that can be used on its own or easily integrated with your current Dynamics 365 system. No matter what your HR needs, our highly qualified team of Dynamics 365 experts have the knowledge and experience to modernize your recruiting process, improve your employee’s experience, and prepare your team for positive change.

For more information, schedule a call with one of our Dynamics 365 experts.

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