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As technology evolves, the need of industries to leverage this technology and further automate business processes in systems as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is key to gaining value and remaining competitive. Most of these systems have migrated to the cloud and now having readily available AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology models in the form of machine learning (ML). This has put an emphasis on enhancing automation, connectivity, efficiency, employee productivity with faster, better insights for strategic decision support has accelerated.

Let’s explore how AI can enhance operations for one of the largest manufacturing and distribution type of businesses, the Beverage sector, commonly referred to by the industry as Bottling.

What is Microsoft Copilot?

In March 2023, Microsoft announced Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot, an AI-driven solution that will change all aspects of work for a variety of industries. Dynamics 365 (D365) Copilot will be able to enhance operations by reducing cumbersome businesses process, while taking advantage of data and predictive analyses. This could mean a positive impact to the manufacturing and distribution, especially since supply chain issues are still impacting the industry in 2024.

In short, Dynamics 365 Copilot is going to make jobs easier as it will free up the time spent working on small repetitive tasks, and allow for more creativity, collaboration, and strategic thinking.

The bottlenecks AI can solve

The non-alcoholic beverages industry is worth $1.29 trillion USD, with the U.S contributing about $359 billion USD.

The bottling industry is part of the broader Food and Beverage or CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) sector. The issues, challenges, and business processes to be enhanced by firms across this sector are common. While the ‘smart factory’ and enhanced automation with better insights across the organization is not new, AI’s recent advancements have heightened the opportunity for businesses to further this automation and make decisions at a quicker pace. This will better support their optimization and scalability goals.

Here are some examples on specific added value to the industry.

Manage requests with a chatbot

Bottlers are bogged down with hundreds of requests a day. From orders, shipments, transport, and supplies, it can be too much for even the most well-managed bottling companies to keep up with the demand for their product. With the power of Microsoft Copilot and Virtual Assistant, bottlers can now manage requests with an AI-powered chatbot that can intelligently reroute requests to the right contact, and answer inquiries more quickly and accurately.

Rate your vendors

Bottlers must manage multiple vendors at a time, and sometimes have to find new vendors to maintain product quality. OnActuate, as a certified Microsoft partner, has developed and deployed vendor rating functionality along with D365 Procurement & Sourcing automation. By leveraging AI to rate and manage your vendors quicker while eliminating ‘manual’ steps, allowing our bottling sector and other customers to make business decisions faster and more accurately given the larger volume of data and other relevant criteria analyzed.

By setting up criteria to search for vendors, the AI tool uses all relevant data to rate and rank vendors for the business, provide analytical insights and then make recommendations based on the criteria the business has set up. With this data, bottlers can manage their vendor relations with ease.

Predict Supply Chain issues and resolutions faster for more effective planning

The world is changing every day, and the supply chain is vulnerable to disruptions. From war, extreme weather, political tension, and disease outbreaks – bottlers must be ready for any situation and have several backup plans in placed. With  Microsoft Copilot, bottlers can use AI to assist with managing predicted  supply chain disruptions. AI will provide alerts on issues that can materially affect business operations such as those related to severe weather, a health event, and other events more localized to where the business has operations. By knowing more quickly of the potential effect on the business such as delivery time, alternative options can be planned and executed more efficiently.

Microsoft’s new D365 Demand Planning capability enables organizations to predict demand with AI and machine learning models with external data sources. The AI-powered forecast model automatically selects the best algorithms and parameters for every product, and planners can fine-tune the parameters based on their bespoke business needs. Domino’s Pizza is leveraging these tools and algorithms for faster and more effective demand and waste planning.

D365 AI driven automation enhances Sales, Insights, Productivity

D365 Sales (CRM) and it’s AI-driven Sales Automation platform enables salespeople to build stronger relationships with the customers, take quicker actions based on insights, and close deals faster. It will analyze emails, other data, meetings and generate client specific targeted correspondence and meeting preparation guidelines. Analyzing sales opportunities, it will recommend a focus on customer opportunities given scoring, opportunity profiles and data visualizations. AI drives Sales will also provide guidance for next actions.

OnActuate is trusted by the Food & Beverage sector

OnActuate is a gold-certified Microsoft partner with extensive experience in the food and beverage sector. Our global team implements and supports leading has worked with premier bottling clients as  Bisleri (India’s largest water bottler), several local Coca-Cola bottlers  and  Coca-Cola subsidiaries.

Our expertise has helped these bottlers leverage the power of Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems and enabling technologies to support their objectives as further optimization and scalability of their business. Microsoft’s now AI enabled solutions and OnActuates deployment of this technology will serve to enhance the added value these organizations will achieve.

If you’re looking for a technology partner to help you with a digital transformation and leveraging AI technology, contact OnActuate to explore the opportunities.

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