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Moving or upgrading to a new ERP system can be a significant undertaking for any business. The investment required, from planning and development to testing and user training, is significant, and so is the risk. However, with the right software, the rewards can be even higher. Implementing an ERP system can automate core business processes, improve day-to-day operational efficiency, and provide a better final product to customers.

Since ERP technology impacts every aspect of a business, proper implementation and adoption requires extensive planning, testing, and training. That’s why experienced solution partners have methodologies or plans in place to mitigate risks and ensure a certain level of consistency with each project.

Take the first step towards success

Requirements gathering is the process of determining what your project needs to achieve and what needs to be created to make that happen.

Discover the five areas where we recommend successfully implementing, adopting, and benefiting from ERP software.

  • Reduce project risks
  • Determine how work is prioritized and completed
  • Optimize the use of resources
  • Define a schedule and timeline
  • Increase the time to value
  • Lower operational costs
  • Improve the probability of success
Delve deeper into the 7 steps

To ensure a successful ERP project, it is important to understand the common risks involved and identify the critical factors that form the foundation of our methodology. Since an ERP implementation involves numerous moving parts, it’s crucial to establish a clear project scope and structure to provide direction.

Learn more about the 7 steps that can help get your project off on the right start.

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