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Update in November 2023

Platform Version: 10.0.37

Build Number: 10.0.1725

Link: November Update 2023

Default option for Approved by field in the Invoice register.

This feature lets administrators control the mandatory status of the Approved by field on the invoice register. The field can be set as optional when formal approval isn’t required in the invoice register’s business process.

Enhancements in Cash and bank management Module    

  • Import bank statement

Bank statement import for the ISO20022 camt053.001.08 version is supported in Finance version 10.0.37. Users can import the latest Advanced bank reconciliation statement configuration, ABR Camt.053 format version 3.13.

Bug Fixes

Data Integration 832276 Business Events catalog rebuild can fail with null ref exception
Data Management 788352 The summary execution for import “Multi Threading” showing With Error field 0, when run same import “Import Now” shows the right information


Update in October 2023

Platform Version: 10.0.36

Build Number: 10.0.1695

Link: October Update 2023

Financial tags for Sales order documents

This feature adds Financial tags to the sales order, packing slip and customer invoice documents.

Automatic importing bank statement from a SharePoint folder    

This feature imports bank statement files from a SharePoint folder and lets users set up recurrence rules to periodically import the files.

Enable check number validation.

This feature enables the Allow check number validation feature in Cash and bank management to validate check numbers when users generate a payment. When the parameter is turned on, the check number is validated to determine whether it exceeds the defined interval from last check number. Users can set up the check number interval. If the check number exceeds the defined interval from the last check number, the user must confirm before they proceed, to avoid manually entering the wrong check number. The feature also validates that there’s no character in the check number.

Accounts payable and accounts receivable foreign currency revaluation performance improvement by splitting into even batches.

This feature improves the performance of foreign currency revaluation by splitting large batches into even batches to prevent large batches from a specific vendor or customer.

Bug Fixes

Data Management 771678 Unable to publish entity with comma in it’s name/label to BYOD
Data Integration 817794 SQL query created by the XDS policy to filter records is incorrect
Data Management 812641 apply transform will fail for composite entity export if the entity does not return any data rows for the entity being transformed



Update in June 2023

Platform Version: 10.0.34

Build Number: 10.0.1591

Link: June Update 2023

Enable the Global general journal page to select multiple companies for posting

When this feature is enabled, journals across multiple companies can be selected for posting in batch mode on the Global general journal page.

Enhancements in Cash and bank management Module    

  • Reverse posted bank statement with new transactions.

This feature enhances the existing Reverse posted bank statement feature and must be enabled before the new functionality is enabled. After this feature is enabled, when Reverse statement is selected, new transactions that were posted from bank statements will also be reversed.

  • Advanced bank reconciliation improvement: enable filtering and provide separate grid for new transactions.

In Advanced bank reconciliation, filtering is available to help select bank statement lines and bank transactions. A new grid will show bank statement lines that are marked as New. Previously, those lines were mixed together with matched transactions. Financial tags

  • Display vouchers in bank statement

When this feature is enabled, users can check vouchers directly from posted new transactions on bank statements.

Bug Fixes

Data Management 789634 Configuration key ” is disabled on entity ‘WHSWarehouseLocationDirectiveEntity’. The tables and fields in the data entity will not be available for use in data management


When we create new entity from the UI using TargetEntiy, configuration key status is not getting updated and because of this we are not able to publish or export the new entity. We need to update the configuration key status when we click on the save button.


Added logic to update the configuration key status when we create the entity from the UI based on the target entity.

Data Management 767217 Export through ExportToPackageDeltaAsync api perform full push always for incremental project
Data Management 785080 export target status left as executing if batch is restarted during the export


While an export is running in batch, if batch is restarted, the task doing the export aborts before it can record the export status.  User will see the entity that was exporting has executing status and that status will never change.


Adjusted the batch export code as follows


If the IsSequential setting is not set, then export consists of a set of writer and scheduler tasks.

On restart, batch runs the next task after the stuck export, which is a scheduler task.

The scheduler task has been modified to set status to failed for the entity just before it, if the status is still executing when the scheduler task starts.


If IsSequential is set, there is only one task for DMFBatchExporter.  We have set that task retriable so that batch will run it again and altered the code related to assigning the execution id such that if the prior execution of same batch job has any entities left in executing status, we will reuse that execution id and redo the export for only the entities in the project that did not complete.


Update in April 2023

Platform Version: 10.0.33

Build Number: 10.0.1549

Link: April Update 2023

Eleven additional languages are available.

Eleven new languages are available for user selection in the preferred language list: Spanish (Chile), Spanish (Colombia), Spanish (Costa Rica), Spanish (Nicaragua), Spanish (Panama), Spanish (Paraguay), Spanish (Uruguay), Spanish (Argentina), English (Pakistan), English (Philippines), English (Malta). To select this option, go to User options > Preferences > Language and country/region preference.


Enhancements in General Ledger Module 

  • Ability to view the original document and Original document date for Ledger settlements

You can view the Original document and Original document date values on the Ledger settlement page. This information will be updated for opening balances for the ledger settlement main accounts that are defined to keep details during the year-end close process.

  • Financial tags integration with the Ledger settlements automated process

When the Financial tags feature is enabled in the Feature management workspace, you can select financial tags as match criteria for the Ledger settlements automated process.

  • Financial tags

When the Financial tags feature is enabled, financial tags appear on more journals and documents. For this release, tags have been added to the Vendor payment journal and Customer payment journal.


Bug Fixes

Data Management 726394 When another export is already running the same data entity, new export fails but meaningful error message is not populated
Data Integration 725267 Error when user hit saves granting access to specific organizations individually in user’s security role
Data Integration 773124 On removing security role membership for an account, should we warn if there are batch jobs running for the account?


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