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ERP Rescues & Re-Implementations

Is Your ERP Solution Creating Risk?

After spending hours carefully considering every aspect of your business, evaluating technology solutions, and selecting Microsoft as your software vendor, it can be frustrating to feel like the project isn’t going to deliver. Sometimes, it wasn’t planned properly, which created a set of cascading issues, and you don’t see a clear path out. Other times, your business, your processes, and your needs were not addressed in the early phases, and now you’ve got issues with making the solution work with your operations. And then, of course, there is a mix of errors that can result in a runaway budget or scope, and dissatisfaction at the end.  

Whatever your concern, OnActuate can help rescue you from the situation.  

Business Technology Consulting

If your ERP project is going sideways, it’s an excellent time to consider how your business processes may have impacted your success. Our business technology consultants can deep dive into the business side and provide expert guidance for every part of your technology landscape.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP Audits

Are you sure you need rescue? Sometimes, it’s a combination of small, almost innocuous failures that lead to problems with your ERP system. If you’re not ready to jump into your next ERP project, you can use our ERP Audit service to generate a plan and roadmap for when you are.

Global ERP Rollouts

ERP systems don’t just need to work at home. If you’re a global company or are planning your global expansion, you need to get your business management solutions working correctly, before you’ll succeed at scaling. Let us evaluate your Global Rollout plans, and offer expert advice before you make a more substantial mistake.

Audit, Review and Challenge Your Set-Up

We strongly believe that the Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems work for any and every business, in their most standard and out-of-the-box form. We’ve built our entire business on that premise, and we’re dedicated to showing you how. Every rescue project starts the same – with our OnActuate Audit Process. We leverage our proprietary toolset to assess configuration, run code analysis, and meet with you to understand exactly what’s disrupting your business so that we can priority plan our assessment.

Put Process First in Every Engagement

We are a people-oriented organization that puts customer processes at the center of every engagement. When we perform ERP Implementations, we leverage our OnActuate Methodology, which was inspired by the tenets of processdriven development. When we conduct a rescue project, we come at it the same way.  

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Empowering Your Executive Team to Make Sounds Choices

When things aren’t going according to plan, people can make rash decisions. It’s easy to believe your chosen software solution is the crux of your technical challenges, but before you write it off as a poor platform decision, we want to evaluate everything, from the business to the code.   

With our ERP Rescue projects, we act as fair and unbiased technology advisors, which means we may identify skill gaps and errors during the initial discovery session with your current partner, or we may determine the issue is related more to your existing business processes than the system configuration itself 

Whatever we determine, we will guide you to make the right choices about moving forward. We want to empower your team to regain control of the project, whether that means advising you to put more work into structuring your business processes and requirements or moving away from your technology partner.

Engage a Systematic Approach to Rescue Your ERP Project

After we’ve run our audit toolset and assessed your business processes, we start to evaluate every functional area of your solution so we can develop a project plan for getting your ERP solution back on track. We break each of the functional areas into their aligned processes, review standard vs. customized functions, then review and analyze each section to narrow the scope of work. We then work to build a project plan to keep everything controlled, on time and budget, and focus on tightly integrating a blend of product skills with consultation to deliver the fastest path toward resolution 

Throughout the entire process, we come back to the same premise – that standard features deliver the biggest impact with the least amount of effort. We focus on planning our way out of most customizations and pushing your project back toward the standard functionality already built into Microsoft Dynamics. We do this for your project’s of today, and the scalability, upgrades, and extensions of tomorrow.  

Establish a Clear Path Forward

Most businesses can only tolerate so much change at a time before the value gets diluted. After we’ve done all the evaluations and built a project plan, we will offer advice on how to move ahead. In some instances, we will recommend a re-implementation of the solution, so you can leverage standard processes and finally feel satisfied with your chosen ERP system. In other cases, we will determine that an upgrade to the newer version will solve a lot of your current challenges by eliminating the need for customizations and workarounds.  

Whatever we determine, you’ll get a clear set of advice from a group of product experts and business consultants that know exactly how to make Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems work the way you need. We can also phase the project, moving some pieces immediately, managing that change, and then going on to lower priority features.  


Rescue Your Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solution with OnActuate

If you’re struggling with your implementation, or with continuing to get value from your Dynamics AX or NAV solution, let us help. We can show you how to make it the key to your success.

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