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ERP and CRM Global Rollouts

Trust your global technology implementations to an experienced team. 

We built OnActuate around people and processethat help businesses operate on a global scale. Our experience with multi-country ERP and CRM projects cannot be understated. We are uniquely positing to handle the nuance of localizations and cross border deployments, so you can focus on managing change from the inside. We offer powerful, scalable solutions developed with minimal customizations, to increase efficiencies from the start and future-proof your organization from costly upgrades and changes.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Manage your global operations with flexible ERP software designed to scale as you grow your worldwide operations.

Salesforce CRM

Unify customer experiences across the globe and keep your marketing activities aligned with a robust CRM system.

Dynamics CRM/365 for Customer Engagement

Transform your sales, service, and support processes with an integrated, cloudbased CRM solution.

Leverage Our Repeatable Proven Process and Avoid Risks

OnActuate focuses on creating proven, repeatable processes for every global rollout, because we know repeatability limits risk. Globally expanding your business takes more than integrating technology. From understanding local tax laws and regulations to ensuring you meet all compliance requirements, our focus is on deploying a solution that solves your business challenges in every country in which you operate, without creating new issues.

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Effectively plan requirements and simplify your project.

Proper requirements planning is at the heart of any ERP or CRM implementation, but when that implementation is global, it becomes a crucial part of your success. OnActuate helps you define your requirements and get very specific about what you must have, to keep requirements planning streamlined and efficient. The more complex your requirements, the higher the risk. We work with your team to map standard processes to as many of your requirements as possible, to limit customization and complexity when the system is pushed out to multiple geographies.

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Strategize, plan, and roadmap your project for seamless deployment.

Success on a global scale is highly predicated on the processes and plans you use to manage your project. OnActuate follows their proprietary Service Delivery charter to build timelines and project schedules and initiates a series of checklists designed to make sure your project remains on time and budget. From initial planning and analysis, through development, UAT, and change management, we have checkpoints in place throughout the entire project to ensure we do everything as simply and correctly as possible.  

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Follow our analyze, development, and testing protocol.

Our processes and checklists will deliver a global ERP or CRM rollout that avoids the common pitfalls and meets all your criteria for success. In our analysis phasewe manage all critical processes, create fit gap, and assign duties using a tested and proven approach. We never deviate from the agreed plan, and we never miss a step because we’re committed to project governance and client delivery.  Whave confidence in our project at every juncture, and keep you involved so you can too.  When we move to development and testing, we document every step, conduct functional testing, configure roles and permissions and move into UAT and training so we can ensure there are no surprises.

Initiate go-live with Confidence

With our proven go-live process, we carefully manage the production environment, migrate data, get the systems up and runningthen manage issues and offer support until every item is perfectly functional. We maintain an issue register, submit daily progress reports and work with your users to ensure the system has no more errors or concerns. When all issues have been resolved, training has been conducted and change management has been handled, we close off the project and provide ongoing support.


Plan your global expansion with the team at OnActuate

Our experience and programmatic approach to large scale global rollouts makes us the easiest choice for a global deployment partner. We’re ready to help you take on the world, one successful technology project at a time.

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