Annata | OnActuate

Annata, headquartered in Iceland, delivers technology solutions and professional services to automotive, equipment, rental, and fleet companies around the world. Its clients and partners leverage on Annata’s decades of experience and expertise to maximise its market value, excel in customer service and sales, and attract new business and resources through the investment and operation of world class software and solutions.

Business Challenge

Although operational, Annata faced business process challenges that required attention. It identified the need for a partner with expertise on its IDMS solution with experience working in a heavy machinery dealership business.


OnActuate worked closely with Annata to enhance the value of its existing solution on many fronts using lean business principles. By examining and improving key business processes, Annata can now offer high-quality and cost-effective products and services, utilizing IDMS solution support, across its customer base and spread over multi-geographies.

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