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Data Analysis Services

Make smarter business decisions with analytics for Microsoft Dynamics.

Get Accurate and Controlled Data at Your Fingertips

More data is being generated per second today than in entire decades previously. That data can be used to make calculated decisions, improve operational efficiencies, and grow revenues – as long as you have the right technology in place to organize, analyze, and report. Building on Microsoft’s impressive stack of analytics tools, OnActuate leverages Power BI and Azure Data Services to design the right solution for your data needs. Since we work with data every day, we also provide enterprise data consulting to impact operations efficiency, boost profitability, and identify opportunities for new markets, products, or service delivery.

Washington State Department of Labor and Industries
Unify and Standardize Data Sources with Azure Data Services

Our global enterprise clients have a wealth of data at their disposal. Before they can turn that data into meaningful insights, they need to bring together their disparate data sources and shape that data for consumption by business intelligence tools, like Power BI. At OnActuate, we rely on Azure Data Services, which is comprised of Azure Data Factory and Azure Data Lakes, to take your data management to the next level.

Analyze and Share Data with Power BI

Once your data is prepped, it is ready for transformation in Power BI! Power BI is a leading enterprise BI platform recognized by both Forrester and Gartner for its usability and flexibility. It is a powerful data visualization tool that, when setup and used properly, can completely change the way you report on data and make decisions. With our expertise in Microsoft Dynamics and data analysis, we provide Power BI setup, training, and customization services.

Bringing Business Intelligence to the Public Sector

Leading public sector organizations are the ones who are taking a strategic approach to data management and analytics. With our technical knowledge and experience working with government agencies, we can help you find a BI and analytics solution that aligns with your strategic goals and budget.  

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We are currently working with Microsoft to build specific dashboards around the public sector for budgeting and forecasting. For more information, please reach out to our team.

Partner with OnActuate

We have helped our clients turn mountains of data into effective reports, relevant dashboards, and profitable decisions. With our experience, knowledge, and qualified development teamOnActuate can help you get the most value out of your data.

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