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Expert Guidance for Planning and Managing Your Digital Transformation.

Technology is Complex, Get the Trusted Advice You Need

Whatever your business, planning and executing your technology solutions and digital transformation require guidance from someone who understands the complete picture. From business processes to your technology stack, OnActuate can help you evaluate where you are today, create a roadmap to move you toward a more integrated and efficient future, and perform the expert implementation and support services you need to keep your business running at an agile and competitive pace.

  • Microsoft Dynamics ERP & CRM 

Should you choose an on-premise solution, or should you move to the cloud? Which ERP version will best suit your business requirements? And do you really need CRM? We can answer all your questions and create the best project plan and execution for your unique set-up.

  • Digital Transformation

Going mobile, moving to the cloud, analyzing your data for better decision making, or getting started with artificial intelligence are all a part of our Digital Services portfolio. Turn your big ideas into functional technology with the help of our digital team.

  • Purpose-Built Apps

Everyone is talking about apps these days and for a good reason. The current development environment is open to your ideas, and we can help you leverage PowerApps to get your jobs done. We’ve even developed a set of our own apps that you can use today.

Don’t Stall Your Business Potential by Avoiding Technology

As technology advances, it can seem daunting to try to catch up. It can feel like a race that starts again as soon as you reach the finish line, and with tight budgets and little to no IT resources on staff, many executives avoid technology projects altogether. That puts a business at risk because, with innovation driving efficiencies, technology projects can be the main differentiator between competitors. There are additional challenges for those in the public sector, as regulations and security concerns can stall the adoption of technology.


Washington State Department of Labor and Industries

Viscor engaged OnActuate to support our complex system integration in 2016. The team had the breadth of knowledge, the expertise, and the resources; they were able to work strategically to meet every deadline. We realized ~15% increase in productivity as a result of the first phase of our integration thanks to OnActuate, and that number continues to rise.”  

– Mahmoud Dimassi 
Director of Technology, Viscor 

Assess Your Business from the Inside, Out

At OnActuate, we are not just technology experts. In fact, it is our business expertise that drives every engagement. We believe in standardizing processes to best leverage the technology how it was built and supported by the vendors. After all, they spend millions of dollars on R&D in a year, and that gives us all the confidence we need 

We evaluate every aspect of your business, from current requirements and challenges to appetite for change and future goals, so we can build a plan of advisory that leaves no questions unanswered, and no risks on the horizon. We can identify innovations, improve efficiencies, help you get buy-in from stakeholders and decisions makers, and provide an overview of your anticipated ROI 

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Analyze Today’s Technology and Plan Ahead

What you need today won’t always suffice for tomorrow. We can look at every potion of your business’s technology stack, help you understand deficiencies, audit your systems to identify and solve immediate concerns and build you a roadmap for the future. We specialize in Global Technology Rollouts and can help you develop a solid plan for reaching your expansion goals without going over budget or taking more time than you have allotted. We also work extensively with those in the public sector, helping to mitigate the challenges that arise from working with governments and citizens.

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Business and Technology Advice, You Actually Trust

We put people at the center of every engagement because technology that doesn’t work for the people doesn’t work at all. We are processdriven, committed to standard development, and above all focused on moving your business ahead.  

Our goal is never to sell you technology. Our goal is to guide your business to ultimate efficiencies, client satisfaction, and ideal growth. We are truthful, knowledgeable and committed to keeping your technology expenditures in check because staying on time and budget is central to creating value with our solutions.  

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Move Your Business Forward with OnActuate

Whether you’re in IT, business planning, or on the executive team, you need to know that your business and technology advisor has the skill and drive to help you move ahead. We are experts in our field, so you don’t have to be.  

We offer advice in all areas of business management and technology, including:  


Expert Advice from the Great People at OnActuate

We’re ready to get to know you, and your business goals.

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