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Fraud Protection

Discover how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection and our enhancement solution approach fraud differently to better protect your business.

Fraud is on the rise and continues to be a major issue for companies of all sizes. 63% of businesses experienced fraud losses in 2020.

If you work in Government and fight fraudulent activities related to unemployment claims or supplier information, or work in Financial Services and combat fraudulent loan applications or fake bank account creation, there is a fraud protection tool you can put in place to help protect your company and your customers.

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OnActuate Fraud Protection Solution

The OnActuate Fraud Protection and identity verification solution is an extension of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection suite and is considered a Preferred Solution by Microsoft.

It protects against fraud with:

  • Risk-based assessments
  • Easy and quick onboarding in portals and apps
  • Two identity verification services, including knowledge-based verification and ID documentation-based verification and biometric verification

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Microsoft Dynamic 365 Fraud Protection

Fraud Protection and Loss Prevention

This sophisticated technology stack helps enterprises fight fraud and abuse while they keep their doors open for genuine customers and partners. It is designed with innovative capabilities to diagnose, evaluate, and protect businesses from potential threats utilizing cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

Features include:

  • AI and insights from the fraud protection network
  • Device fingerprinting
  • A rules engine and virtual fraud analyst
  • A graph explorer and scorecard
  • A transaction acceptance booster

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